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How do I get through the withdrawal symptoms of stopping Tramadol usage?

I'm Kelvin, I've been abusing tramadol for 4 years now and I've tried to stay clean but the withdrawal symptoms keeps chasing me right back to it.
I experience depression anxiety, sweating, sneezing, runny nose and tiredness.
I really need help, support and assistance to deal with this.
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Hi and welcome!  How much tramadol are you taking a day?  That needs to be tapered down due to the possibility of seizures.  Are you getting them from a doctor?  We are here to help so keep talking with us
I take as much 750mg but I've been able to cut it down to 500mg a day. I get it from a drug store. In Nigeria here, nobody drug store or pharmacy really asks about prescription.
Like I said I watched my son have a seizure from taking too much Tramadol. Absolutely broke my heart. Then I watched him suffer getting off of the Tramadol. But he did go to a Suboxone doctor and he is doing fantastic this medication saved my son's life. As soon as the doctor had given him his medication he was back to himself within 20 minutes. I was amazed. Suboxone Subutex has saved so many lives. It did save my son's life. I hope you feel better soon.
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You need to do a slow taper with the trams.  It may take awhile to get down on mg's but that is okay right now.    We want you to be safe.  What made you start taking tramadol?
I was taking it for recreational purpose.
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No need to suffer seriously don't do that. If you can no longer get the medication and you can't get off of it without suffering go talk to a Suboxone doctor it works.
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