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How do I help someone who's an addict to pills?

My partner is addicted to pills. I need to help him because he keeps stealing my money. I hate that he's put me through this. He blames his addiction on stress. That doesn't even make sense to me. We don't have similar views on life either I guess. I am here and want to help, I just want to know what to do and what am I getting myself into. I believe in natural medicine if needed. I can stir up an herbal concoction if I have to. I hate taking pills, and he's addicted to them.Help!
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Not good...he's stealing from you but you want to help him?   Why??  What's in that for you? Has he assured you that he'll stop forever if you help him?  It doesn't work that way...
he needs to face it,stop it,and then ask for your support!  
In what ways are you protecting yourself?  Don't let him have access to your money. With an addict,if it's easy to steal and you don't stop it after you discover it,you might as well hand over your money to him. It's the same thing and it's enabling!

If you want to help him,tell him you'll call his doctor for him to get him some help or you'll make some calls to get him into rehab and recovery.
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You can't help him if HE doesn't want to help himself. The only thing you can do is support him if HE truly wants to get clean. He tells you he is taking drugs because of stress, actually that's addict code for I want to get high. Addicts wil lie, steal and minipulate to get thier drugs so don't fall for it. You ask how do I know this....hmmm it's because I am an addict. I don't mean to be harsh or sacastic just real. When he wants to get clean then stand by him until then there is nothing you can do.
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Pills have been a problem for me for years, a long time. i used to buy them off the streets, which can wipe out your account in a day. Then when things were really bad recently i told my gp everything. she was very understanding and gave me everything i needed on prescription in a withdrawal/tapering regimen. Although this hasn't gone well recently, had several relapses, but the gp always gives me what i need to get back on track and back to being free again
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