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How do I wean off of vicodin after 8 years

I have been taking vicodin for 8 years now and am severely addicted to it. I have lost everything. I am here in a home without a job, money, car or transportation and unable to get help. However, I still manage to get the vicodin. I am trying to ween off of it myself because I have no other choice. I was taking 15 a day and have been trying to cut down. I have been throwing up for 4 nights in a row. I get this terrible tingling and electrical feeling in my arms and legs and cannot sleep. I have a terrible headache and overall feel really sick. I only have about 75 left. How do I wean down off of this stuff to get off completely. I have no more pain so pain is not an issue. I am on the verge of losing everything dear to me and could be homeless and I am scared to death. Please help me. Please tell me how to wean off wihout severe side effects so I can get my life back. Thank you so much for your time and help. I have no body to talk to about this.
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Im no good for making taper plans as Ive never been able to taper, but someone will be along shortly who can help you with that. I just wanted to offer you my support though, and welcome you to the forum. This place can save your life. Keep reading and posting.  PS- i was on the same thign as you...tons of vicodin and i did manage to cold turkey it as many here have, so even if you fail at tapering dont lose hope- it can be done. Its not fun for sure but you will survive. Hang in there!
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Just checking back with you. Your post was filled with such pain. Some of us have to be really brought to our knees in hopelessness and pain before any change is possible. In AA/NA they talk about hitting bottom. I always felt I had to touch bottom in order to push off back to the surface.

How are you today? Are you continuing with your taper? Can you find an NA meeting or other forms of help. Use this forum for support and keep reading the posts. What else is available in your community for assistance with the detox? And please keep at it. You are worth it. You need support in your community and I believe it is there.

I found it totally humiliating, but walked into a city detox and asked for help. I felt completely out of control and my CT on my own had my terrified by the symptoms.

I am thinking about you today. Keep us all posted.
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Being "off" life and "on" pills is so so so hard....really only folks here or others that have gone through it know what you are going through.....

It's a mind set & a physical thing.....and i had to reach bottom of both before i could pick life.  you can do it----
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Hanging in there? Listen I will pass this on to you but have not used it myself. But I heard a very slow but very gentle way to taper is to work it in three day units:
You cut down your dose on day 1; go back to the higher dose on days 2 and 3; you continue that until you have no wd symptoms. then you keep the cut down dose of day 1 but do it on day 2 and on day 3 go back to normal dose; then you use the cut down dose on all 3 days.  You then begin this whole sequence again but cut down the dose even more: and again only on 1 day out of 3; then 2 days out of 3; then all 3 days. and so on. It is supposed to be very good. I think it takes a lot of discipline and patience. Also a bit like pulling the band aid off slowly versus pulling it off quickly.

Please hang on. This can be done.  
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