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How do get off Suboxone?

Hi, I have been on 16mg of Suboxone for over 5 years after abusing Oxycontin for less than 2 years.  My mood is content, but I am a shell of a person.  I do not work and I never leave my home.  I get up in the afternoon and go on my laptop until I go to bed around 4am, and then I repeat the same thing the next day.  I am extremely constipated and have no energy.  I know I need to get off Suboxone, but I don't feel strong enough to and the more time that goes by, the weaker I get.  There was only 1 time that I was ready to ween myself off Suboxone.  It was after being on it for 6 months and a psychiatrist had put me on an anti-depressant.  I mentioned to my doctor, that was prescribing the Subs, that I was ready to ween down and he said I shouldn't think about that now.  So here I am, 5 years later.  I get frustrated to why Suboxone affects me so much because I know plenty of other people who take it who can work and function properly.  I used to be a very hard-working, family oriented person and now I don't work, hardly every see my family, and lost touch with most of my friends.  But still, none of this motivates me enough to even go one day without Suboxone.  I've called a few rehab centers, but they only offer like a 5 day detoxification, which makes no sense for the long term nature of Suboxone.  Does anybody have any suggestions or is anyone in a similar situation?

I'd like to make a note, though.  I am not condemning Suboxone.  It stopped my life from spiraling out of control and I know I wouldn't be in this situation if I got some kind of co-therapy when I initially started taking Suboxone.  I am blaming myself and the doctor who only cared about my urine samples every month I saw him.  (Sometimes, I would have to stay in his office bathroom all day until I could produce a sample because the Suboxone also causes extreme urinary retention for me, even though the doctor didn't think that was possible.)  I have a new doctor now who prescribes the Suboxone and thinks everything in my life is going great because I don't know what to tell him.
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Thank you again very much.
To Wolverine819:  you seem a little harsh.  Anything I do, I will talk it over with my doctor.  I'm not stupid and I'm not "crazy".  I came here for some advice from people who share my same experience.  I have talked to many Doctors and I've learned that a lot of the patients out there, know more than the doctors about Suboxone.  It is too new of a drug that doesn't act like most opioids.(I know Buprenorphine is not new, but in the context of treating opioid addicts in the U.S., Suboxone is a relatively new treatment.)  I also have access to a psychiatrist who says it is very smart that I do a lot of research on my medications and get advice from people in similar situations.  

In the last few months, all I've ever wanted to find, was somebody like Robert_325, who has been on the "patient's" side, but also has some experience in helping other people.  I'm not expecting you, Robert_325, to be a doctor but if you can help me with a regimen that will make it as easy as possible to get myself off Suboxone, I don't think any medical professional would be opposed to it.  So I am going to figure out how to add you as a friend, and then we can talk.

Again, Wolverine819, I appreciate it if you're looking out for my best interest, but you come off pretty condescending in how you word things.
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I read your post again, and I realized I was a little defensive in my last post.  I apologize if I came off a little harsh.  I understand everything you're saying about Robert_325 not being a doctor.  I just think Suboxone detox is a unique situation where there is no clear-cut method accepted in the medical community.  In this unique situation, I think it is ok to find other people in similar situations who can relay their experience and give advice on how they did it.  Forget all the stuff I said about constipation and urinary retention.  Whether it's related or not, I know it's time for me to start weening off Suboxone and the two doctors I've had, had very different philosphy on the treatment of Suboxone and when and how to get off of it.  Because it is such a scary dilemna, for me, I wanted to find people who have been through or have helped other people get through it successfully.

I believe the reason you are a little upset, is the negative insignuation I gave about Suboxone.  But as I noted, I want to make it very clear:  Suboxone was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time.  The problem is, the doctors I've had did not have any experience in drug addiction, nevermind a new treatment involving Suboxone.  I just hope as time goes by, all doctors get on the same page and work with drug addiction therapists to find a total treatment plan for people recovering from opioid addiction.  The medication is great, but for most people, it can't be the sole treatment for recovery.  Thats where I messed up, due to uninformed doctors.  But now that I'm in this situation, way over my head on a medication with too high of a dose and on it for way too long of a time.  Like you said, coming off Suboxone would be different for somebody who was on it for a few months compared to somebody who has been on it for years.  Locally, it has been hard to find somebody that has been on Suboxone for as long of a period as me and has successfully weened off.  That is why I came here looking for advice.  And from what I've seen, anybody that has seeked help from Robert_325, has had a positive experience.  There are many people who vouch for him.  He sounds like the best resource I could have found.
So, I want you to know that I will hear what Robert_325 has to say, and I will let my doctor know of any plan I make in changing my medication.
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Hi Jas,

I was in your shoes back this summer.  I took suboxone for nearly 4 years and I could not taper off of it on my own.  I got down to 2-4mg, but just could not seem to kick it below 2mg without suffering.  I finally checked into some detox options and went through an 8 day detox program.  It was the best thing that I have ever done - I have been 100% clean, including alcohol, for a little over 7 months and have never felt better.  The detox that I did was much better than going CT on my own.  I would be happy to pass on information to you on the detox that I did, just let me know.  Best of luck to you, getting off suboxone can be done, it just take some time and persistence.

I do agree with some of the other comments here on the dose that you are on and I do think that you would feel better, even if you only reduced your dose to 8mg.

I am happy to discuss anything with you that I can share from my own experience.  Take Care,

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I guess the guide lines here may restrict you from saying some things I have just personally seen Robert get hundreds of people off subs,so wolv, I will be more careful the what I post on this site...not trying to step on any toes, we all are in this together.
have a great night...
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I am so happy to hear about someone who was just recently in the same shoes as me.  I will take any info you are willing to give to me.

To everybody else, I really appreciate all the feedback.  If nothing else, I now have hope and that hope is turning into confidence.  

I'm going to listen to Robert_325's tapering schedule, and then when I get below 2 mgs and the withdrawals start, I'll check in to a detox.
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I have also personally moderated some pretty active web sites before and I appreciate a moderator's perspective, position and their responsibilities. It's a lot of work to really do it properly understanding liability and all that's involved with a forum like this.  People's lives are at stake.  I also take that responsibility very seriously, just like you do.  Plus I don't want to create a battle here as soon as I arrive.  So WOLVERINE 819.......  please know that I want to get along with you and the others here.  Just please give me a chance before you pre-judge me. I'm really on the same team as you I promise.  No way I want to create any problems EVER.

JAS3 .......  I know that I can't publicly post about the specific doses and such things that I'm talking about as one post I made here to you already was deleted before we ever actually spoke.  And if those are the forum rules then I can live with those regulations. I am a visitor here and I don't establish their policy. I am not one to battle over regulations as a visitor. We will have to adhere to the forum regulations but I'm sure we can have a private conversation..

I will be happy to speak with you in private if that doesn't violate the forum policy. I can't imagine that being a problem.  As I previously mentioned I've only been here a short time so just add me to your friend list and then let me know and contact me. We'll figure something out then that isn't a violation of forum regulations.  God bless.  : )
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