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How do get off Suboxone?

Hi, I have been on 16mg of Suboxone for over 5 years after abusing Oxycontin for less than 2 years.  My mood is content, but I am a shell of a person.  I do not work and I never leave my home.  I get up in the afternoon and go on my laptop until I go to bed around 4am, and then I repeat the same thing the next day.  I am extremely constipated and have no energy.  I know I need to get off Suboxone, but I don't feel strong enough to and the more time that goes by, the weaker I get.  There was only 1 time that I was ready to ween myself off Suboxone.  It was after being on it for 6 months and a psychiatrist had put me on an anti-depressant.  I mentioned to my doctor, that was prescribing the Subs, that I was ready to ween down and he said I shouldn't think about that now.  So here I am, 5 years later.  I get frustrated to why Suboxone affects me so much because I know plenty of other people who take it who can work and function properly.  I used to be a very hard-working, family oriented person and now I don't work, hardly every see my family, and lost touch with most of my friends.  But still, none of this motivates me enough to even go one day without Suboxone.  I've called a few rehab centers, but they only offer like a 5 day detoxification, which makes no sense for the long term nature of Suboxone.  Does anybody have any suggestions or is anyone in a similar situation?

I'd like to make a note, though.  I am not condemning Suboxone.  It stopped my life from spiraling out of control and I know I wouldn't be in this situation if I got some kind of co-therapy when I initially started taking Suboxone.  I am blaming myself and the doctor who only cared about my urine samples every month I saw him.  (Sometimes, I would have to stay in his office bathroom all day until I could produce a sample because the Suboxone also causes extreme urinary retention for me, even though the doctor didn't think that was possible.)  I have a new doctor now who prescribes the Suboxone and thinks everything in my life is going great because I don't know what to tell him.
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People come on here everyday asking on how to get off their medication. Just because one's med was sub doesn't mean someone can't answer giving their giving their story. I've seen numerous people coming on here asking how to taper off of the doc. I don't see anything wrong with someone helping out. If you were to reply to every post asking how to taper off of their doc you would have carpal tunnel by now. It is the original posters obligation to contact their doctor to discuss there concerns.  His first post was deleted and he did state he was not a doctor and no matter what advice he gives to be sure to check with your doctor first. I see nothing wrong with that.
I hate that Robert has received such a sour welcome already since he has just joined this wonderful forum. I've seen some pack their bags and leave after getting negative feedback right away. Robert seems like a great asset to us and I'm looking forward to having him around.
So Robert, thanks for being here and please continue to stay. I've been on med help for a tad over 2 years and it is a wonderful place. There is so much support and you will meet some wonderful people. I think you are a wonderful human being for taking all the time you have to educate yourself and by sparing your time to help others without a monetary gain. If we could only find sub doctors that had half your heart or resources maybe it would be used the right way a little more often. I thank you.
Jas3....I wish you the best of luck and can tell that you will get some great advice from Robert. I'm glad your confidence is building. Confidence is a very important part of recovery no matter what we are or were addicted to. I may not be able to help you with your taper but will be here for you for moral support and anything else you need. Never give up. If you are determined enough, which you seem to be, you will reach your goal! Please keep us updated on your recovery.
Hang in there buddy!
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I am not pre judging you.I am going by what I see,that you are helping people get off their meds using a formula that might have worked for you.I dont know what qualifies you as being somebody who is an expert at Suboxone tapering.I think its irresponsible for you to tell somebody to get off their meds that you know nothing about.
Thats the way I feel,its my opinion.
Just like you and your followers think what you are doing is right,I dont think somebody should be playing Dr with people who are in a very vulnerable state and have been prescribed medication and how to take it.
This is an open forum,I am entitled to express my feelings,as are you and your followers
.So somebody coming on here would be scared away from all the negative comments on here about Suboxone when it could be the only thing to save them from the drugs they are on.I just started on it again ,after a relapse, and it is helping me to get myself back on the recovery road.I thought I was okay,didnt need it anymore,but got off it to soon,and back to the oxys.How many people have you gotten off it Robert ,who should have still been on it and went right back to their DOC.
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It sounds as if ur suboxone use was managed ppoorly..agree with ga guy...ur dose is high for  5 yrs

sub is a narcotic..it will turn on u like ur DOC did...i was a hydro user and no longer felt "fantastic" anymore..only dpressed and lethargic//isolated as well///no longer felt like socializing..even tho sub is a partial agonisrt///and most narcs are full agonists..it is so frickin strong it makes up for the "partial" part..i was a 100 mg hydro user and 1-2 mgs of sub would send me flying..and is the reason i did not use it to stop hydros..used it when i had no pills..2 weeks or less//mostly less cos i would get pils and save the sub for next time i ran out//cos i knew better to take sub long term...and the last time i bumbed some when i was out of pills..i realized sub had turned on me as well...just felt yucky no matter what..it was time to let go
Goals are important..isur goal to get off all narcotics?  sub has a purpose and can save lives for those who will kill themselves with narcotic use due to buying them, selling them or continous relapses..2 yrs of narcotic use may have coulda been handled better as this is alot less time than many spent using...so now u r at 5 yrs of using in an attempt to Stop using?  and it doesnt sound like u r better off

if u could be agressive with ur sub dr and tell him ur plan "I WANT OFF" perhaps he would listen..or perhaps he is making money off ur suffering like so many sub drs do...or perhaps he is not really educated on this drug..who knows???  But it sounds like u r ready to make a change?  have u doe any type of aftercare during this 5 yrs?  it is usually required when a dr prescribes sub..cos sub will not make u clean//only u can make u clean//and it takes work on urself and ur triggers//support is crucial
if he will not agree to help u taper then get a refill or 2 and do it on ur own..i would say get another sub dr if u can find one who will not rape u financially...and set up a taper..write it out picking a quit day..most peeps have no probs getting down to 4 mgs..when most get down to 2 mgs it can get tough//they go down slwly to slivers..and then even to slivers every other day..it is a strong drug and even a small shaving can make or break u..u may need to have someone dole them out to u to stick to ur taper cos addicts suk at tapers as a rule//but not always cos when u r over it //u r slap over it!  only u know what u need to do,,,but it sounds as if u r still suffering from narcotic use//cos u r using a strong narcotic...and u r ready to move forward..finding a meeting near u is crucial cos it is hard to do this alone..or a good addiction counselor which can cost//meetings r free and they r everywhere//they even have sub user meetings now...andpeeps r acepting sub users as fellow addicts these days..cos u r not alone//there r lots of peeps stuuck on sub and wanting to get off this sticky drug

sorry for the long post..I just hate to see dr's keeping peeps on sub and making money off of them//or just keeping them on it cos they are not educated on the drug even tho they RX it..there is alot of info and personal experiences on sub in the health pages...plus since u will be going thru narcotic wd/all of the info in the health pages can help just as if u were wd-ing from oxy

be safe and keep posting..pm me if u need to
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just read ur 2nd post.....btw...even when i took sub for 2 weeks i would have to wait 5 minutes to finally pee!  And yes u can taper off this drug..u could even CT and live thru it but i wouldnt advis that..but narcotic wd doesnt have the risk that benzo ct does..or tram ct does

this is so do-able!  do not ever think this cant be done! nthere are heroin addicts who used for 20 yrs who r now clean!  so much of this is upstairs//positive thinking..if u know u can then u can!  drugs eat away at our self esteem..they make us doubt our decisions..they take away our soul and our mind if we do not watch out   u r still the person u were before the oxy or the sub..that person is still there..just masked by narcotics...dont doubt urself nor ur needs or decisions...once u make a plan there will be a huge relief off ur shoulders...it is within u to stop//the strength to stop..u just gotta reach down insuide and find urself again..and it is very do-able
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There is obviously no way to give you an exact answer to that question.  But I've seen too many sub drs have people taking 3-4 times as much sub as it takes to work and these people have ended up addicted worse on the subs than the original opiate.  There is NO excuse for that happening if a dr has any idea what he is doing with subs.  

These drug companies in the US tell the drs to use 16mg or more when buprenorphine has been used successfully in other parts of the world for years in micro doses of less than 4mg.  I have an outstanding record over the last several years with being successful helping people obtain longterm clean time coming off subs. It's worked for 8 years for me and I can name countless people with several years clean using the process I talk about. That is a fact.  

I had close to 10,000 posts on the forum I come from and most of those were sub-related.  My success ratio is outstanding I can promise you that.  I am not a dr and make that plain. I am strictly sharing my experience only.  But sub therapy is something that needs to be done in very small doses for it to be most effective.  That's been a proven fact for years and I am simply promoting what has worked for years.  

Not wanting to argue at all.  I'm simply stating the facts as I've seen them on the forums I've worked on over the last ten years.
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Robert you should be very happy with your sucess,but you dont know how many went right back to their DOC,after your process.So what do you do go from forum to forum looking for people to take off their suboxone.Im just trying to understand where you are at.My point is that you are not a Dr,you know nothing of who you are talking to,what frame of mind they are in.How many asked you to help them get off it and lied to you about it and in reality just wanted off so they could get high again.You dont know.
You are messing with peoples meds and thats dangerous.
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