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How do you cope with this crazy stuff


by Firebiz, 10 hours ago
Hi all. Glad I found this forum. I have been taking two to three 7.5-750 for almost two years. I had no idea that I was becoming physically addicted to this stuff. The doctor provided no information, just kept refilling the script.

Then, last Saturday I ran out of the drug. I thought, no big deal, I'll get it filled Monday. Didn't fill it. By Tuesday, I started feeling nervous, anxious and wanted to run away from myself. I had wave after wave of panic attacks. Then that night I could only sleep for about an hour at a time. Then it felt like some one had slapped me awake. Back to the panic attacks and wave after of wave of being anxious. The next day more of the same. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I thought I was going crazy or something. Then it hit me. The only thing in my life that had changed was that I was not on my drug. I started reading and found so many people suffering with this. I phoned my doctor and did an office visit. He scheduled some blood work and asked me if I wanted off the stuff? He was willing to continue the drug if I wanted to. I said I wanted off. He said I was already past the worst.

To day is day 4 and I have had two nights of unrestful sleep amounting to about 5 hours each night. I am still having panic attacks and am somewhat anxious. The attacks don't last as long as they did, but they still happen. I keep telling myself that I am just suffering withdrawal and not going crazy and this will all be over soon. I have to force myself to eat and drink. I just don't want any food or water.

This is going to be over soon and I am going to feel better. Right?
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ask to see a specialist on the side effects of the drug and i think you will get better just keep going to the doctor keep telling him you need help. the doctor should eventually get annoyed with you and then he hopefull will help you to get better. good luck.
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Yes Firebiz....You'll feel better.

Your "slap me awake" comment is spot on and made me laugh.  

The good news.....your dose is low....you don't sound addicted...merely dependant.  Sure you'll suffer a bit but it IS short-term.

Try and get some calories in you somehow like protein shakes or something.  Get some gatorade or vitamin water and drink it even if you don't feel like it.

The anxiety and panic attacks are pretty normal during detox too.  You're on day 4 and you should really be turning the corner on this.  The symptoms will go away....stay patient and understand it is merely your body's reaction to being cut off.

You'll soon notice the "slaps" will come less often!!!!

Hang in there, Scout's honour.....it gets better!!!!

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Thanks for the support. If I wouldn't go to jail,when I get over this i'd kick one doctor's *** when this is over. Then I would kick my own for remaining ignorant about this stuff. I really thought that if I managed my meds correctly that I'd be ok. I never gave a thought to becoming physically addicted to this stuff. I thought only junkies and people with weak personalities get addicted, or you had to abuse the drug. Wow was I wrong! I hope God will forgive the way I viewed people who are addicted! It came a little late I life for me, I am 62 now, but what a great life lesson!

Today will be day 5 for me. I am slowly getting better. Some anxiety and panic attacks, but they seem less intense and not as long in duration. I didn't sleepntoo well last night, but was knocked out for about three hours this morning. It felt great!

The best to everyone here. I have a whole new respect for those who have and are facing wd. I also have a new understanding of the condition and those who find themselve afflicted.
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Anything I can take, non narcotic, to help with sleep? Starting day 5 and still can not seem to sleep though I am very tired.
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Hi again,

It has always been my experience detoxing that no sleep and restless legs are the last to go away.

You can take melatonin which is all natural and if in the US you can take Hylands restless legs.  Tonic water apparently works too if you can't get the Hylands.

Get comfortable and warm and relaxed.  Understand it's very normal not to sleep during this time and don't get frustrated....sometimes easier said than done but seriously....FRUSTRATED never sleeps!!!

Hold onto the notion that it will return....because it will and like I used to say all the time....Take it when you can get it :)

Hoping it passes soon for you (and me)

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Thanks! I have some Alteril. Supposed to be all natural. I have used it before, so I'll give it a try tonight. I was able to take a 3 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. After waking up I felt sharper than I have since I started this journey. I was able to eat my second full meal today. When I woke up from my nap, I was hungry and had a nice big bowl of chicken noodle.

I guess I have been lucky with the leg problems, because I haven't had any. I have been drinking tonic water for the past several months because I have toe cramps and read that tonic water (quinine) prevents that.

Tomorrow will be day 7. Hoping to be well soon. I do see improvement since about day 4. The anxiety and panic attacks are less often and less intent

Thank you all for your posting about your own fight with this. It gave me hope that this would get better, and it is.
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HI  from what it sounds like you where just dependent on the pills and took them as prescribed
it still no fun coming off them but in your case I dont see the signs of addiction or addictive behavior its a good lesson learned that you should never stay on pain meds long term...give yourself a few weeks off of them ....you will go threw whats called rebound pain for a wile and it will seam worst then it is bat as your body builds up its own natural endorphins you will find your pain can probably be managed with 800mg ibuprofine or aleve there are a lot of members who have chronic pain and do better off narcotics then on them ...you dont want to start the cycle over again and its no fun being chained to a pill bottle also there is a very fine line between being dependent and addiction many of us where dependent b/4 we became addicts I wish you all the best good luck and God bless......Gnarly  
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On day 9. Feeling much better. Still have some sleep and anxiety issues, but nothing like they were for about the first week. Finally seeing some light at the end. Guess these symptoms can last for up to two weeks.  

Thanks again all!
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Day 14. Finally slept the entire night.feeling better this morning. Didn't have any anxiety this morning when I woke up. Hope the day continues as it started out. Will have to wait and see what the nite time brings.
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Good, it seems you are over the worst of it, Fire :) keep eating proteins and as healthy as you can and resting as much as you can.. All the best !!
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Congrats on Day 14.....You will probably start feeling noticably better each and every day from here on out.....Do not let your guard down though....You might run across some pills in passing and around 14-20 days is when you will experience a little bit more craving....Since your habit was small you probably will miss that but I would give anything to be at 14 days right now.....I am on day 3.5 and even though I have been able to minimize detox (if that is even possible) with the help of exercise, lots of water, and tons of vitamins and suppliments it is still really bad.  Good luck in the future and take this as a warning......If you think this detox is bad, if you use again for any length of time the detox gets worse and worse.....I know what I am going through now is WAY worse than when I detoxed 5 years ago when I first started out....
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Thanks for the congrats. I am feeling much better, but the problems with the anxiety is still there though not as bad. I'll be glad when this passes. I am on day 16 now. As long as I keep my mind occupied, I really don't have any issues with anxiety. When I am home in the evenings, that's when it hits me mostly. I really need to get my shoulder and knee fixed. That's what brought me to where I fell in to the detox situation. I am afraid if I have those fixed, they will want to put me on some pain killers post-surg. No way I can ever thake any of that crap after this. It's funny how everyone talks about craving. I have never had those thoughts. My only thought has been, I want to get better. lol

Wow, the second time around for you. I feel for you. I don't think I could face this more than once. What hapened that got you back on the stuff? And. good luck to you going through this. If you really just need to talk, post me. I check in on this board every couple of days.
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Day 22. Finally feeling much better. Sleeping the nights through with out any sleeping aids. The anxiety has finally to the point to where it is mostly non-existent. Just a little sometimes in the morning and at night. I am confident that this will pass away soon as well. This has been one of the toughest things I have gone through. This board and all the help it has provided has been invaluable to me.

Good luck to all of you out there that are fighting this thing!
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Ok. 34 days in to this thing and I still have panic attacks and anxiety. Nothing like it was but it is still there. Is this normal after all of this time?
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Back again.  Boy, mia copa to Vicki1955 for my crappy attitude. I realize now it was the "omnipotent" of the drug talking.  I am actually quite a mellow, sweet person . . .but on this stuff, yikes!! I turned into Mighty Witch.  Thanks for being here.  I returned to the site on Day 11 when I starting feeling like the world was crashing down.  (Side note:  my daughter's school friend's dad also killed himself last week  . .. . that was awful to experience during this withdrawal!).  To hear that feeling anxious as hell, "scared awake," and lots of other feelings off of these drugs is normal . . .and makes me want to cry right here and now.  Terrible, stuff.  I was on 8-10 of the Norco 10/3.5 per day . . . you can imagine the crap my body is enduring.  Physical withdrawals of pain were horrible first week; the psych stuff is much worse.  I wish each and every one of you good, good luck.  Let's all stick together.  I second that going back will just reset the clock  . ..
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Thanks for the info regarding this being normal.I was getting ready to request some more blood tests for thyroid etc. Tough news about the dad. I wonder what kind of meds he was on? I have been doing a lot of reading about some of the drugs they put folks on to help with anxiety and other chemical imbalances. There are some real horror storries out there. I have diabetic neuropathy and have been offered different physotrophic drugs for that which I have respectfully declined after reading about the drugs being offered.

I was reading yesterday that it can take months to fully recover from the symptoms I am having. I still get the urge now and then to choke my doctor over this, but I guess we are all responsible for our own decisions, and I need to start by chocking myself a little as well.

I agree that we need to stick together and continue our support for one another. If it were not for all of you who have offered advice and assistance, I would probably have gone over the edge on this. I mean one day you feel fine and the next, you feel like you have lost it!
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Funny you mentioned thyroid tests - that's what I just had done at 51/2 wks off suboxone, 3months, 1 week & 1/2 off OC and still having night sweats, overwhelming fatigue, HORRIBLE anxiety & depression. But I have swollen glands & have had 4 or 5 bouts of fever that last a day or two over this period of time.

My bloodwork came back fine but I'm scheduled for another round (tho I think my doc has written me off as having chronic fatigue). Never had ANY of this while taking OC or the Sub. BUT did have depression/anxiety before taking opiates, so I guess it's different.

My doc knows about my addiction (he gave me the suboxone) but I was told that although it can take 90 days - a year for your brain to heal (neurotransmitters to regain balance) that the 90day/year thing is *typically* more subtle with peaks & valleys than the weird stuff I'm having..

Do you have any physical symptoms still, or just the anxiety? How bad would you say the anxiety is if you don't mind me asking?

Sounds like you are doing really good & I certainly don't mean to compare our two experiences, you sound far more together & i havent had fine days, its pretty consistently low, but I saw the thyroid comment and had to ask, because the longer this goes on the more afraid I get (which doesn't exactly help the anxiety!!!)

Good luck to you, I hope u post when you turn the corner  
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My anxiety and panic attacks were almost unmanageable in the first week or so, then they became more manageable. There would be days after about 10 days where I would have no anxiety or panic during most ofvthe day, but at night it was a different story. The attacks would be very bad, both panic and anxiety. They would be so bad that I might only get two to three hours of sleep. When I did have attacks after the first 10 days, they would be very strong, wave after wave, and the panic attacks just made me want to run away, but where? There was no place to go, because it was all inside my head, and how do you get away from that?

Recently the attacks are less frequent and mostly not as strong, though there are days that I still have wave after wave of anxiety, though not as strong as invthe beginning. I really have very few panic attacks and when I do they are very mild.

I thaw really not suffered any real physical symptoms except for the runs and some stomach cramps, but they wentvaway after about 4 days. I still have night sweats. I used to soak the bed, but much less sweat now and not as often.

Wow! 90 days toca year! Damn drugs anyway!

Good luck to you as well. Stay in touch.
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Sorry for all the typing errors in that last post. Doing this on my iPad. lol
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