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How is Everyone???

Greetings, everyone! I haven't been around for a few months, and prior to that, for a few years. A few months ago, I was struggling to get sober again after relapse on my drug of choice. It required a taper and more time than I imagined, but I finally did it! I've got some sobriety time again, which seemed impossible just a few months ago. With the current situation in the US and in my city, I find myself feeling very isolated and struggling more with staying sober/upbeat. I figure I'm not the only one, so... how is everyone? I realize some people are perhaps feeling constrained more by the virus going around than others, depending on where everyone is from. My city is being hit particularly hard and so I find myself not interacting with others for days on end, with no real option to do so even if I want to. Still, I'm determined to stay sober and find healthy ways to navigate the isolating times. How about everyone else? :)
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I’m feeling the same way as you. And I’m about to have a baby in a week and i want to relapse because of what’s going on and the stress i feel. What did you taper off if you don’t mind me asking? I was taking low doses of oxycodone off and on through out my pregnancy like 5/10mg.. and the whole time I’ve been depressed stressed out and sad praying it didn’t affect my baby because i couldn’t stop. Finally now.. i have stopped. But I’m losing my mind. And i don’t have access to them anymore i feel if i did i would cave in and it’s awful. I live in another state and none of my parents or family will be here for my delivery. Just a sad time.
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Xtina- so sorry you are so isolated at what is a difficult time (giving birth) and should also be a time of celebration! (Giving birth). Can any relatives/friends Skype or FaceTime after your baby is born to see him/her, celebrate with you! ? Just a thought.
Hello! To answer your question about a taper, mine was necessary because my drug of choice is a barbiturate and I'd been on it for long enough that it would have been unsafe to discontinue cold turkey. It made it very difficult because I had to continue taking it for months in lower and lower doses, which, as you can imagine, was very difficult because a lower dose just made me want a larger dose. In any regard, I succeeded and have 20+ days clean! Woohoo! But much like you, I find it difficult to be sober in isolation.

You also seem to have many stressors that I don't have. I can't imagine having a baby on the way and also confronting the challenge of sobriety, along with being physically isolated in many respects. I'm going to be checking out online support meetings (I've been slow to do so), and I wonder if those would be helpful to you too? I also have had the support of a therapist and one close friend, so that's been helpful. Are those options for you? I've started to adjust to being inside most of the time, but I do as much as I can to be connected too.

It must be really hard to know your family will not be there for delivery. However, I also wonder about what Basslady asked--do you have the ability to Skype or FaceTime? It's definitely not ideal, but I'm sure you will not be alone in celebrating bring a new life into the world. Even here where this forum isn't very active these days, there are those of us who will welcome and celebrate that joy with you. :)

Please keep us updated on how you're doing!
Great answer Mayberry- just want to let ya know. It’s hard to post and then hear *crickets*. Take care and stay safe! And at home ....
Great answer Mayberry- just want to let ya know. It’s hard to post and then hear *crickets*. Take care and stay safe! And at home ....
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It's kind of depressing being on lock down.  Online support is key.  I hope more stop by here to help each other.  hugs to you all
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MJ- how do I find an online NA meeting? I’ve only been to a handful of meetings in person a few years ago, but need more support to stop using (small amount) and prevent a big relapse.
I agree--any good resources for online meetings would be most welcomed! I'm looking to check a few out, as well. We got this, y'all! :)
Try N/A virtual meetings............last I checked there are like over 800 virtual meetings worldwide.  Most smaller areas (like mine) have zoom meetings listed on their webpages.  You can usually find your local N/A on the N/A website.  The official N/A website.
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Congrats on getting sober again!  It isnt easy but you made it thru.  My county is the hotspot for COVID now.  People arent taking it serious so it puts all of us who have to work in danger.  One of our customers was the 1st death here.  I havent had alot of time to myself during all of this as i am putting in long days at work so when i get home i eat shower and go to bed!  I do talk with a couple of my friends who are in recovery.  Checking in is always a good thing!  My home is my safe place, my sanctuary, my happy place.  We have lots of projects going on right now too but not alot of time to work on them!!  Check out the online support groups they have right now.  It isnt the same as 1 on 1 but it will help.  I am really proud of you for coming back and getting clean~
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Thanks, Sarah! I'm glad you continue to be a presence around here. It's nice to have that consistency every few years when I revisit. Have you found any good online groups? ~MM
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