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How long after stopping codeine do you feel better.

I've been taking daily codeine in copious amounts for years.  6 weeks ago I gave up and lasted for 3 weeks.   Found the sleepless nights and restless legs  unbearable so bought some and have been taking it since.  Not on a daily basis but certainly every 2 to 3 days and I really need advice as to how to start all over again.   Gave up alcohol at the same time and I've succeeded with that and feel good.  Any advice please.  I really want to give this another shot.
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Hey Ann...........it's a vicious loop isn't it!  We want to get off so bad but the withdrawls can be horrendous.  When I first came to this site I was where your at now and the people here suggested a few things to help me through the w/d.
1. Try to designate some time for yourself where you have nothing you have to do.  Not sure if your trying to do this while working, which is hard (but doable!!!)
2. I had my husband in my corner to hold me accountable...........do you have anyone you can ask to help.  IMO...this seems to help mentally!
3.  Vitamins - there were a list of vitamins I took during this process like magnesium, vit C, potassium, a really good multi vitamin b/c during w/d we deplete these things.  I was on the toilet for weeks (my dose was much higher so please don't get scared when i say that!)
4. Epsom Salts - I lived in the bathtub!  Take as many long hot soaks as you want!  The epsom salts will make you feel much better!
5. Eating really clean - fresh fruit, dark green leafy veges, etc... I had no appetite whatsoever for quite awhile and my husband bought me the meal replacement shakes (these helped alot)
6. As far as the RLS.....it's going to suck!  I took 800 mg Motrin every 4 hours for awhile and ate banana's for the potassium.  There's a homeopathic med by Hylands made for RLS...some people say it works, some don't.  What I did find helped ALOT was a pair of really tight diabetic socks my husband bought me from the pharmacy.  Ugly as sin, but they work!
7. Water, Water, and water!!!  Flush your system.  Gatorade and PowerAde will be needed for the electrolytes as well.  You will have to force yourself to do this!  This is where I found having someone there helped, b/c when I didn't feel like doing something, he pushed me.  He actually force fed me a couple of times.  
8.  Music helps - for me it was anthem type music to push me.  I know that probably sounds lame but I used everything I could to push myself.
9.  You'll be in bed for a week or two so I would rent movies or watch movies that make you laugh!  Laughing helps more than you will ever know.

I hope you start your journey soon!  I'm sorry it took so long to get a response, I'm not really sure why I didn't see this post right away???  But I'll check back this afternoon if you want to talk!

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Hi there.  We're sorry no one has been by to answer your question but hopefully they will soon.  Are any programs available to you?  You may need professional support in this matter.  Tapering is always recommended but with a doctor if possible supervising.  You sound in a better place than before, most definitely.  Again, hopefully some of our members will stop by to help you very soon.
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