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How long can Xanax be detected in your urine?

I have a prescription from months ago but no longer see that doctor.I have been having panic attacks all day on and off and I don't want to go to the Er can somebody help with this question
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What question do you want answered?  Your having panic attacks but worried about a UA?  Court ordered?
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how long before Xanax is not detected in your urine I'm getting different answers ..please help and is there something to detox and get it out quicker?
I hope this helps you. Xanax will stay in your urine / system for 7 Days. Good luck.
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It can be detected in UA's up to 7 days.  Tests given around here can detect if you have tried the home remedies for detoxing not to mention we dont give out that kind of info as we are here to help you not have to worry about passing a UA.
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You answer other questions about how long stuff stays in the system how is mine any different I will go to another site
No need to be ugly to anyone on this site. Good luck.
Plus your question was answered. I think you just want someone to tell you you'll pass and everything will be rainbows and lollipops. If you're doing something you shouldn't be doing, it's going to show up eventually.
We answered your question for you. I wish you well~
That was not directed toward you unless you are over this site I ask the question and whoever is over this said that they weren't here for questions like that and sorry never hoped for rainbow and lolipops just wanted an answer keep getting different time frames and also I'm in pain management but my regular doctor told me when I have an attack to go to the ER sorry but I think that's abusing I insurance whether I pay for it or not sometimes I have up to 5 a day now that's ridiculous to go that many times there not little short ones I've had them last up to 45 minutes so excuse me for needing a correct answer. I've been told it stays in your urine up to 6 weeks
That was directed towards Bamame about rainbows and lolipops but also to dominosarah for rushing to judge ment before you even knew the whole story like I'm some,kind,of junkie when I can't get any professional help when it comes to panic attacks because half the people on them misuse or sell them and people like me who need them can't get them.
You asked how long Zanax can be detected in your urine so i answered you.  You then asked if we knew anything you could use to flush your system and i told you we dont give that info out here.  I also asked you if the UA was court ordered.  You finally explained you were in pain management. I was not being judgemental at all, just asking to see what was going on.  

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