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How long do I have with withdrawal symptoms?

It’s been two days since I have been recreationally using tramadol 400mg, sometimes 425mg in five months maybe more. I quit before and was giving depressed meds to sleep but have been on them extremely hard again. I work a hard labor job where I drop off packages and my route consists of at least 50 stops. I just need support from former addicts on how long am I gonna go through this. Please be honest as possible. Here are my current symptoms.
Electric shocks
No appetite
Weak and Achy
Depressed and moody
And Insomnia (the hardest for me)
Are there stages? Is there anyway someone can tell me. I want it to be over and I will never touch the drug again. I can’t this is too much.
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Hello & Welcome.
How are you doing now? Getting to the point of feeling better takes some time & patience. Age & health and how long has been on a drug depends too. Most of these opiate type pills change the brain chemistry. There is SO much that goes on up there in our brain that makes us also become addicted to these type of drugs. Tram is known to also have a ssi in it so it would be like coming of a AD pill too. Do NOT worry YOU will get to the other side. The W/D part is the easy part! I know you are going WHAT?? It is working on staying clean that takes the cake. I now am going on 6yrs and came on to this site back on 2012. The changes keep happening and YOU do get your life back with some work. I had returned back to Church and a Church that it also into Healthy Living. I now feel the BEST I ever have and I am 62. Had lots & lots of yrs on Booze & Drugs.  There are TONS of points we can give you to help you get through this. Make sure you Drink tons of fluids to help flush the toxins out and eat healthy. I will wait to see if you check back. Good Luck! God Bless!

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PS..YES those are the stages beside the brain chemistry balancing back in time. The physical will ease up sooner then the mental, but that is why it takes some working at or support too! We have to change these behaviors with a new behavior that is better and healthier.
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