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How long do SUBOXONE withdrawals last?

Hi guys! hang in there, I am clean 35 days from Suboxone and still feeling no energy, murmurs, sleeplessness, anxious, dirreahea and feel depressed at night times.  The first day was hell! I felt a big snake biting me and it took one day to feel that pain and afterwards I knew I can do this and get off Suboxone.  I was on Suboxone 2mgs for 6 months and tried to taper down...  Can anyone tell me how long Suboxone withdrawals last???? im so anxious to know because I really can't wait to feel back to normal.
Thank you and God Bless all of you.
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It tends to be different for everyone but it has been 35 days so I am betting things will be getting better very soon .Are you taking any supplements and exercising because both can help your body heal .Better days are coming .:)
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3 months///90 days is usually the turning point for energy..hence AAs saying 90 meetings in 90 days..this is the time the brain takes to heal enuf to keep us from relapse..we need constant support and almost daily meetings to keep us moving forward...never taking a step backwards..if we do only to see why we dont wanna go back there...the 90 day mark is where energy levels turn for the better..and happiness is felt again more frequently..a sense of joy///then we know we r there..gotta make it 90 days...let that be ur goal...use meetings to keep u strong and exercise to release those much needed endorphins trapped inside our brains...read up on the aminos in the health pages...turn this into a science and learn every bit and peice of info u can to make this better for u...the book "End Your Addiction Now' is a great read to understand where our neurotransmitters are at right now..and how we have to heal them..good luck
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Yeah I cant stress enough how much excercise can do for you, especially at the point where you are. I know its hard to get the motivation going but even a daily walk in the morning can dramatically change your frame of mind. I was really struggling with energy when I was laying around in bed all day, but the more I got up and did anything the more energy I got and the better I felt. Ive been off sub since Oct.20, I didnt hardly move for the first 2-3wks and I was really depressed all the time. When I finally started forcing myself to atleast go for a walk or two, just the getting out of the house lifted my spirits. I was on sub for 18wks, for me between about day 30-40 was the turning point where I really started to feel good about the situation, my motivation and drive was back. I was never a person to work out, my idea of a work out was playing golf, but since about Dec.1 I started riding bikes for some cardio, some light, high repitition free weights, along with a healthy diet Ive lost 30lbs. I forgot to mention that I take B6, l-tyrosine, multi-vitamin and some glucosamine chrondointin for my joints. In the end were all different but time really does heal, remain positive and patient with yourself and you really should start improving here soon. Im not sure if your taking any sleeping aid but I still take melatonin every night to help with sleep. As you can see my key for a speedy recovery has been excercise, its hard to get into a routine but it was the best thing Ive ever done. Congrats on making to day 35, I know its not easy, so keep on working, let us know how things go. Good luck with everything, Take Care!
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Hey Sub09, Keep a strong head and positive outlook and you're already better. Most sources say it is only a 5-day withdrawal, but I don't believe it. I recommend fruits and no Fast-Food (cuz that makes ppl sick and feel icky) and forcing yourself to be happy. Maintain positive, and positive and happiness will follow. Honestly, I can't vision anything but better after 35 days, I am sure better will come quickly. Your digestive system probably had lots of garbage to dump out (mine does), and is re-programming itself to no be sedated all the time. Subs relax everything so your body just needs time to re-boot and re-program, 35-60 days tops I guerantee you! Most of "them" say NA meetings but I am not a meetings person myself so I wouldn't place my faith in NA. Even if you're in a shi* mood in the morning (like me) when you take a shower say "I am thankful for... (any 3 things everyday multiple x's if u like)" and the world will appear different. You can get a Back Ache from thinking you have a back ache, ppl get 95+/-4% of disease from within. I highly recommend watching the Secret! It is a serious must, I promise it will change your life. But anyhow, Congrats on 35 days! Wow; You are great inspiration to alot of us. You are actually doing what "we" all talk about. Write me if you don't mind, cuz I am genuinely curious to know what happens on day 36,37,38 and so on.
~Thank you for your inspiration and stay strong, Pj 0lson~
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Thank you so much for your support guys.  
To: Pjolson, I was thinking about taking melotonin but Im afraid I might get addicted to that and won't be able to sleep if I stopped taking that.  But I will keep everyone informed about my recovery at home.  It is really hard to even get on my treadmill, but I did do 15 mins on it.  So if I have 26 more days to recover that would be great hope.  I want to be able to get back to work.  So is anyone getting off SUBOXONE?

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I am on day 17 off the sub. I was on it for 2 1/2 years. Some days are better than the last but today is not one of them. I have had the chills for 17 days, i dont sleep at night and i feel like i am losing my mind. i so badly want to go back on the subs but i never want to go through this again. i just cant stop crying. I want my life back....i thought i had it back on the subs but like the last year i started falling asleep while driving and **** and was always exhausted. My body was all f-ed up like when i was using. i just want to feel normal. i dont know how much longer i can take this....
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