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How long does a cocaine overdose last.

Apparently I drank about a gram of cocaine. My roommate failed to make crack in one of my 10oz whisky glasses and put the glass of water with the coke in it in the fridge. I came home from partying and drink the glass of water in the fridge, it tasted funny so I asked my roommate what's in it and he said a gram of coke. I have zero tolerance to coke, so when it came on it came on dast. My left leg started trembling, I got real dizzy, my heart rate went up, and I got real cold. I dont have a high fever 100, my pulse is weaker, and my breathing is controlled.

However this has been going on for two hours. How long can I expect it to last?
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This one im not quite sure how to answer....but is serious. Hold tight as more people will see it and respond. If situation gets worse i would have to advise u go to ER
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Hey are you ok  ... please post to let us know..........Gnarly
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cocaine cannot be absorbed in the gi track  i believe
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