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How long does it take ?

Hi all ! I have a simple question for those of you who are at about the six month mark like me . My emotions seem to still be on a roller coaster at times . I mean some days I fell great and others I still feel depressed and even bored ! I have a very active life so I keep busy . Cravings , once in a while . I would appreciate  any thoughts or your own experience with this . Thank You in advance , Jimmy
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I would recommend going to an NA or an AA meeting. Congrats on 6 months
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Hi Jimmy, good job on 6 months. Thats a wonderful start for a new life. You just have to tell yourself consistently as to where you are at now and what you were like before as a way to deter any cravings. I am sure that you have already came up with some solutions, and they have seemed to work so far. Another way to curb the cravings is to talk to an aftercare councelor, or a therapist on a bi weekly or once a month basis for an hour at a time. Write down in a journal as to how you are feeling during a period of craving. Go to a meeting, you might need to be on a low dose of anti-depressents. I really think that as a recovering addict I will always have those dark periods, after all I was an addict for 24 years, and it is going to take some time to get back to normal. You did well by coming back online to express your thoughts. Keep in touch, mike in nc
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