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How long does it take to get psychcally addicted opiates?

How mnay straight days would somebody have to do opiates to get psychically addicted?
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im not sure on that one for me three years ago i started taking them for pain and then before i knew it i was just addicted it kinda snuck up on me didnt even relize i was addicted until one day i ran out and had horrible mental and physical w/d. I stilll cant quit to save my life,. But i dont really know the answer to your question but i am curious if anyone does i will keep an eye out to see what kind of responses you get lol anyway ttyl~Chros
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I have pain issues also. I take high doses of pain killers but only 4 times a week so i dont become psychically addicted. Im wondering if i can still get addictted by using them only a few days a week
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in my opinion i think maybe you could these pills are so addictive however when i get my slip of paper that the pharmacy gives you with every script that tells you info about the med the one i read that i get with my hydros says "do not take more than prescribed taking more often or more pills than prescribed may become habit forming" ---So maybe that means if u stick to taking it the way u are suppose to you wont become physically addicted but that is just my opinion im still not for sure on this love ya ~~~Chros
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Well said, When.
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OOOOk let me just start by saying denial is the first indication of a problem ok say you do take as perscribed how long befor you relize that ur body is becomeing ammune to that dose as with any meds to include antibiotics your body builds up a resistance say what u want but sat your script says one erry 4to6 hours for pain fact is any codone-oxy-hydro-any pain med is gonna stop working as well within 2 to 3 hours then your back in pain and if your like me I go to pain management so I get my script faithfuly erry month and yea I do need them I have multiple problems I will be on pain meds for the rest of my life problem is the dose they give me has stopped working so like most people on narcotics if the severe pain comes back in 2 hours instead of 4 to 6 you think Ill wait another 30 min to an hour and go ahead an take my dose then after a while that weakens so you tend to go further in the end ur out of meds an hurting even worse and im here to tell you withdrawl aint no damn joke the cold sweats leg pain feeling like you cant stretch enough joint pain it almost feels like for wemon anyway like your going through menopause not to mention the constant bathroom visits vomiting all that nastyness and when it starts to get a lil better bam script time its like christmas cause you know the hurt is over and what pissis me off the most the doctors blame us but there the ones giving it to us come on you tell me why a doctor would give you something your gonna depend on for life or until you can quit your job stay at home an make the whole world leave you alone yes I need my pain meds my hand was cut half way off and my lower back was beat with a 2x4 also Im having biopsys done on my liver,kidney and breast but point being when they give you narcotics for pain they need to understand that about erry 6 months its a good possibility there gone have to raise that dose or there gone have millions of pain patients buying pills on the street narcotics for long term pain is a must and if you fall an break a bone 10 to 15 is ok but if there gonna treat you like a drug addict because of something they give you then there just as bad if not worse they play god let them hurt suffer go through W/D an see how fast there script pads get ghost all Im saying is if your takeing opiates for more than a month your with out a doubt gonna be depended on them so unless you realy realy need them dont take even one we all have tto remember oxycodone/hydrocodone/oxycotin/and last but mos def not least Fentenal patches are HEROIN in a leagal form opps my bad synthetic heroin none the less its in your bones in your joints put it this way if you want to know if your addicted dont take nothing for 24 to 48 hours if you feel weak your legs feel like they keep needing to be streatched an your cold but sweating you are with out a doubt addicted to americas favorite drug **** think about it street value on a 10mg oxycodone(pecocet) is $8 to $10 dollars for one and for a 80mg oxycotin your lookin between $65 to $75 dollars for just one as bad as I hurt sometimes I will never have never an refuse to come out my pocket for one single pill at that price but like police say opiates are the new crack/cocain be careful what you take if motrin or tylonal will do the trick stick with that I mean goin to da ER and getting a script for 10 or12 thats cool but dont abuse it or take it just cause you got it I have been on Pills for over 15 years I dont take what I use to but had I not abused them in the past they would help me alot more always question what you put in your body LOVE YA!!!~~~~
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this is a very tricky situation. i am a nurse of a pain management doctor. i see a lot of addicts and i see a lot of people who would not be able to get out of bed because they are in so much real, physical pain. even if you take pain meds the way they are prescribed, you will become addicted. you can experience withdrawal symptoms after two weeks of taking pain meds daily. of course, the longer you take them and the more you take, the worse withdrawal will be. i am also an addict myself. i started injecting pain meds. this is the easiest way to get hook and the hardest to withdrawal from. do not detox yourself. if you decide to come off of opiates, benzos (xanax) you need to go to a facility that offers MEDICAL detox. you can have seizures and die from detoxing at home. there are meds to make the process more comfortable too. kicking an opiate addiction is one of the hardest. it takes a while for your brain to regain and straighten out the chemicals and make you mentally feel normal again. once you are detoxed and you body isnt dope sick anymore, youd be amazed by how the pain level goes down. when youre addicted to pain meds your body seems to hurt a lot more to get the opiates it is craving. i started pain meds for severe daily 24/7 pain. now, that im off of them my pain isnt near as bad anymore. funny how that works, huh? also, once you stop taking them, everyday that you wake up and youre not dope sick or popping pills to function, slowly but surely your energy level increases, irritability goes way, way down. it feels good to get your normal self back.

in rehab they explain it like this. addiction is a disease. you have an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind. you take that drug, your body will want more and more. your mind will obsess about how to get it. addiction is deadly. overdose is the number one killer in america. doctors are not taught well enough on pain meds and addiction. its a shame.

anyway, im not sure if this helps anyone, but i hope it does.
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It happens just like that.. You'll build up a tolerance quick and have to take ridiculous amounts that won't even make u feel good anymore. But you'll keep taking it, hoping that your empty stomach or your cup of tea will make it really kick in... It doesn't, and then u know u have to stop.. And its difficlut and uncomfortable.. And yes, you will feel better, you will feel normal again-- and in a few more weeks, you'll be craving it again, and thinking its not so bad, I didn't do it for a few week, and you know the fresh high will work.. And so we go around again
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i took a vicodin out of curiousity. prescribed by a doc for pain. i didn't really have any pain but the pills made me very relaxed and in a good mood. I took them once a day for 6 days then decided to stop before i got addicted. too late. could not sleep last night. twitching muscles. i flushed them today. i now understand how easy it is to get addicted. i did not get high, just felt warm and cozy. i feel bad for those who need them for pain. from largo, fl
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From what I understand and what I've read is that basically anyone that takes prescription pain killers for any length of time will become physically dependent to them which is not the same as addicted.

So in the Doctors view it is ok to become physically dependent to your meds. But being addicted to them means you are willing to irresponsible things to get your meds like say lying, doctor shopping, buying them off the streets. Also if you are taking them even when you have no pain or taking more than prescribed. That would mean you are addicted as well. Keep in mind that everyone is different and some ppl have less addictive personalites than others.
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In my experience it takes me 3 days of daily use, and on the 4th day I will have minor withdrawals if I dont take any opiates. Although I will say one time I got away with taking methadone orally every day for 2 weeks and did not end up getting withdrawals. But when shooting up heroin/oxycodone/hydromorphone/oxymorphone etc it only takes 3 days of daily use for me.  
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I'm on the same boat...you think just cause you can skip a day your fine..not true...it just helps you justify your usage..I was a heroin addict 6 years ago and now I'm using percocet recreationally..yea ok..before you know it I'm using every other day and constantly thinking about it...not a good idea..the worst part is I was taught how opiates can effect you mentally and I'm still doing it...as addicts we know the consequences yet we still justify reasons to do it...a constant battle
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I have been struggling with opiate addiction for about 10-11 years. I have been trying to get clean for at least 8-9 of those years. It's the HARDEST thing I've ever had to deal with in my life (33yrs). I started taking Percocet 5mg and Vicodin 5mg etc. after I was giving a few by a "friend" for my back pain. They made me feel GREAT!! Warm n fuzzy, in a good mood and lots of energy. I was never told they were addictive and soon I went from taking pills here n there to doing them as soon as I woke up up untill I went to bed, soon after I was doing 10-15 bags of heroin a day. Withdrawals would kick in every 4 hours unless I used. I went to methadone clinic and a few months later I was severely addicted to methadone, WAY WORSE THAN ANY PILLS OR HEROIN ever had me. Went to detox n got clean for almost a year, was doing great, working, felt great. I slipped up and started using here and there thinking I could use sometimes and be ok....WRONG! That was 6 yrs ago and I'm STILL trying to quit. Been to detox, rehab and weened myself down numerous times and out of it all the only time I stayed clean longer than a few days was while on suboxone for 13 months. My sub dr went to rehab with out warning and I was soon bck on opiates. I am currently up to 3 oxy 80's as soon as I wake up just to not be sick, and I do this at least 3-4 times a day. It doesn't even get me high anymore. Since detox and rehab is not an option since my type of insurance won't cover it and I have a 1 1/2 yr son and one on the way, I am trying to take small amounts of methadone while weening myself down daily. Hopefully I can get off these pills and be a good dad for my kids. I want so bad to be done with this, I hate it! But it never fails, I start to feel better then my mind talks me in to using and boom I'm right bck where I started smh my advice would be don't try to "beat the system" and take opiates sometimes n think u won't get addicted cause it will sneak up on you and before u know it your life is unmanageable and u can't control it
I read these n wanna know did u ever get better
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You would be better off starting your own thread, as this one is old.  This is a great place for info and support.  A chronic relapser needs to make changes.  A recovery plan is only successful when a person works it, and when it puts as many roadblocks up to using as possible.  Support is also key.  Addiction isn't a battle meant to be fought alone.

Copy/paste your post into a new thread so you can get the help and support you need.
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Didn't read all the posts but theres a big difference between addicted and dependant
What is it?
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ok heres the deal for physical addiction to opiates beit ,pills or Tar ,snorting or slamming. remember this any drug withdrawal is the exact opposite of the high. So if your high was relaxing warm sleepy place your withdrawal will not be able to sleep,cold, and uncomfortable. How uncomfortable? well how comfortable were you getting? the other side is how long till you get addicted? opiate use mimics a chemical the brain our bodies produce, after awhile usually around 3-4months of everyday use the body says **** i dont need to make this anymore and shuts off production then if you dont supply the mimiced version you start kicking and come sick, 3-04 months seems to be the norm your first time then you kick and next time it happens much quicker in couple weeks, then even shorter time. I have been an addict since the early 90s and i can get a new habit in about 3-4 days if i was clean.  ..if i was clean.
@CharlieMcGnarly you are absolutely correct. I would like to keep this brief. I first started prescription pain meds 20 years ago at  a small dosage 3 -4 codeine pills a day and over the course of years I ended up with 80 mg. of percocet a day and 2 time release everyday until those had a weak effect (tolerance build up). Last year in March I was weaned off of the evil meds with horrific withdrawal especially the first week. I was clean for 3 1/2 months. I went back to the Doc complaining of low back pain and prescribed me a lower dose of Lortab 5 mg 4x a day and within a week needed more, they were not working like they did from day one 20 years ago.. I am on  day 5 of withdrawal pure hell. I firmly believe if anyone relapses on opiates hell is right around the corner. I did not have enough opiate free time behind me and slipped. Be careful the wonder drugs are not worth the agony.
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