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How long does suboxine withdrawal last?

This is terrible. I hope someone can answer my question. I have been on suboxine for 20 months to help with my opiate withdrawals. I have been off 8 days and I still don’t feel good. My stomach still burns a little and I still get chill bumps some, and I’m still having a hard time sleeping. I also feel out of it and extremely tired.  I didn’t want to come off but my doctors thought it was time for me to. I just don’t see why I can’t stay on a low dose forever because it helps me live a normal life. This has been terrible the past week and I have had to call into work twice. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?
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Question....did you taper off or come off abruptly?  If you tapered then I think you will find relief somewhat soon.  Tapering is really the best way to get off of the subs with the least amount of pain.  Take vitamins, drink lots of water and eat really healthy!!!!  Exercise as best you can...even if it's just walking around the block ANYTHING helps.  You just have to push yourself forwards.

What your feeling right now is temporary and will pass.  Think of it this way...you will no longer be dependant on ANYTHING to live your life!  This drug is NOT intended as a maintenance drug forever....YOU CAN DO THIS!
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First of all, you probably figured out by now the tired, confused, extreme weakness thing and more are still a problem. I went through it, bounced off at 24mg/day...was working outside, construction type of labor, 10 hour shifts...felt like I was in Quicksand...all day...
It took me about 2 to 3 weeks to really feel like I could make it through each day..then 3 months to be back to my old self.
No, No to staying on it...does damage, changes you, dumbs you down. Even though it is a great energy boost. Thats why its so popular and pricey on the street...
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You are extremely lucky to have a doctor that is taking you off of it. It is an excellent withdrawal drug however it is a life destroying maintenance drug. Best wishes to you my friend!
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