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How long is this going to take?

I have jumped from 60mgs of OXYCODONE to 30mgs since Sunday. LOW ENERGY, HEADACHE,EARS ARE RINGING. I have been on this since 2014. #IWILLOVERCOMETHIS. BYE PAINPILLS!
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It will take some time. I would suggest going cold turkey. The myth is that doing some type of taper is easier on us that ct but it's not true. You are just prolonging the wds this way. It will take about a week for the acute symptoms to start slowly letting up. Look up the Thomas recipe and get stuff listed. Energy and sleep are the last to come back so keep that in mind. Patience does not come easily for addicts but keep remembering that word. Good luck!
THANK YOU!jifnoc

I have noticed that this site is NOT HAS Supportive has it was in 2012! This is 2nd time I have reached out for support! I had a lot of  PAIN and Cancer scare in 2014. That caused a relapse!
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You are welcome. Didn't know you were here before. So, what will you do this time to STAY clean? Do you have aftercare in place?
YES I am planning on staying off of pain pill at all cost! I am sick of BIG PHARMA and Doctors!
Having been on morphine drip for over 2 months the doctors tapered my down within 2 weeks before release without WD! A tappering procedure should be in place but shouldn't take years or several months IMO
I have been in your position just minus cancer.. but a pill counter none the less .. the best way is CT just prepare yourself for some ****** days ahead but in the long run you will be glad you did.. eat well have Gatorade on hand plus advil and by far a HOT shower and some blankets helped me and if possible take a few days off.. I did not but some find it helpful I wish you the best.. PILL FREE!!
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What I meant was, what are you going to do for recovery? When we addicts don't get into recovery, we relapse. Like meetings, addiction counselor etc.
Yes-  I will go to a therapist and I am planning on going to my PC and tell him what is going on! He does not give me the pain meds, MY pain management  DR does.

I feel like bad. I have had 15mg today. 1 10mg at 10am and .5mg at 3pm
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I have been on a taper since 12/11. I was on between 50 and 60 mg of oxocodone = 5 to 6 pills a day. For the past 2 an 1/2 days I am at 20mgs. = 2 pills!
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