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Does anyone know how long (like consecutive days or weeks) it takes to get physically addicted to oxycodone? I know it depends on the dosage per day, but assume one to two are consumed per day. This medication is 30mg tablets. My friend asked me this because he recently started using, and wanted to know before he goes off the deep end. Thanks for all of your help and support guys. This website gave me hope and reassurance that I am not the only one out there with issues.
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after 5-7 days of constant use, your body becomes addicted ..... Im not saying do pills every week for 3-4 days then stop for a few and do em again ... im just saying thats usually the time it  takes for you to get " Addiction" to where you will withdrawal
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Just like addict63 said, it'd more of a mental state than a timed response. Some addicts escalate much quicker into full blown addiction than others. I've seen people in my rehab taking doses in 3 weeks it took me 3 years to obtain. If your friend has the brain chemistry that predisposes them to addiction then the seed is cast from the first pill. If you're referring to dependency more than addiction, then most people feels withdrawals after only a couple weeks of use. If he's using 30-60mg of Oxy a day, then he's already in some serious trouble.
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(paste and send to Ur friend!)
It's really not how much or for how long we use, it's our REACTION to the drug. Once I tried my Vicodin 7.5s... just one, I was addicted. Loved the stuff! The actual physical addiction came several months later, as I gradually increased my intake. I would stop for a few days, even a week, and then use again. As long as I felt I could stop, I felt I was all right. I looked at the stopping, but not the using. Soon I said "why stop?" U either R or Ur not. Only you can call yourself addicted, or even an addict. If it really isn't affecting you, then you really wouldn't be on this site. Just being honest.
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