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How long til withdrawal?

Sorry to post again, guys, but Ive got this question for those who have come off suboxone. What day did you start feeling bad after stopping it? I'm on day 4 and I'm still feeling like I just took something this morning. I was told that the third day is when you start feeling bad, since subset half life is so long. What are your experiences with this?
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I agree, you likely are one of the lucky ones. I would say sub symptoms start on day 3 and peak around day 7-21. Many slowly improve after that. Keep working your program and focus on progressing as a person. Personally, I think a lot of sub detox is mental/emotional. As a partial agonist, they block emotions more than physical pain receptors. With lots of support, it is much easier. I have one local friend who jumped off subs at 8 mgs, he felt a little anxious for 2 wks, that's it. I think you are gonna be fine, it's not so easy every time, so count you blessings.
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Hi ImInAwe,

I took Sub's for around 6 months coming off of an addiction opiates (Vicodin). I was started on two 8mgs pill per day for a total of 16mgs per day. As I said I'm an addict so of course I was taking more than I needed to offset the WD's...I could have easily done only 8mgs or even 4mgs per day and been fine but Subs do get you high at higher doses. Sorry, I digress...My Dr. was really good about weening me off of these so throughout the 6 months I slowly tapered my dose from 16mgs to about 1mgs per day. I did enough of a slow tapper where I didn't feel the drops at all (which I found remarkable because each time I tried this with Methadone or Vicodin it sucked to say the least). I jumped off at about .5mgs and kept waiting and waiting for the WD's to start. The good news is, they never did. Can you tell me a little more about your Sub use? How long did you use, how many mgs were you on, how many mgs were you on when you jumped off? If you're on Day 4 without feeling any ill effects you may be one of the lucky folks who won't experience the Sub WD's. I'm well aware Subs have a very long half-life (similar to Methadone) but you're already on Day 4 so hopefully you'll skip all of the nastiness. Keep your eye out for PAWS though, that's what I'm going through right now and although it isn't anywhere near as intense as the acute phase of opiate detox it does present a number of challenges. I know this post is old so I hope you're doing well and staying clean.

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