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How long to taper SUBOXONE down to 0.5mg?

I just read a post from GA Guy that was years old but detailed how he worked his Suboxone program and tapered to 0.5mg and then widened the doses out from there with very very mild withdrawal. I did something like this with Methadone decades ago. I was able to taper to 10mg and then to 5mg then I used OTC codeine and diarrhea meds to taper from there. Eventually I took the codeine farther and father apart and one day I found myself SLEEPING IN totally drug free! It was such a good sleep.

Now years later, after a bad accident I found myself addicted to pills and back in the US! I did get a few scripts for Hydros and Oxys but I knew I couldn't do that forever. Sooner or later I'd get in trouble and go broke just from the cost alone! I didn't want to do anything illegal and if even if I continued getting scripts sooner or later I could get trouble so I got on the Subs and it totally saved me. Yes, I'm addicted, but I'm productive and I'm LEGAL. No one can kick the door in or take me away as I'm totally legit...and I want to stay that way!

The next step is tapering slowly down. I'll go as slow as I have to to avoid real discomfort...I hear that's the key to long term success. Once I am at the 0.5mg then I'll space out my doses more and more...but I'll work it from there.
I have a plan but what would help is to hear others experiences who REALLY TAPERED SLOWLY to 0.5mg.
How long did it take you? How much discomfort did you experience?

I know some say it just makes the WD last longer but it wasn't my experience with Methadone...if it can be done with that, it can be done with anything.

Please share your taper experience if you made it to 0.5mg.
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