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How long will baby have subutex withdrawals

My daughter was born with severe withdrawals from the subutex I'd been taking. For two months before her birth I had only been taking about 2-4mg a day and some days even less. I was told by my dr and most of the research I did that taking the subutex was the best decision for the baby. Without the subutex the baby would be lost by miscarrage from withdrawals. I've learned a lot since then. My baby went through withdrawals for what seemed like 8 months to me. Her symptoms started 3 days after her birth. She was sneezing a LOT, her body was extremely tight fist balled up arms & legs pulled close to body, trouble eating, and she cried non stop. The sneezes lasted the least amount of time. Her body stopped being so tight at about 4 months or so but she never stoppednbeimg extremely cranky and crying ALL THE TIME until she was over 8 months old. Now she is 3yrs old but since she was able to move, I could tell that she was tempormental and naughty or mischevious. She was very very young when she would do things like pinch our faces really hard and it entertained her as much as anything. It sounds ridiculous I know ,but it's true my son knows it too, he's 15. My question is, How long do withdrawals last in a baby born on subutex? I don't know how much of my daughters behavior was withdrawals and which is just her personality. Is it possible that she may have developed this temperament from being so miserable st the beginning and first vital months of her life? And is she more likely to be an addict because of this??? I know it's genetic and if parents are addicts kids are more likely. But I want to know if the "once and addict, always an addict" applies to the poor babies born addicted. I hope u can help. Thank you.
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I am not really sure the medical world really knows the long term effects of subutex taken by a pg mom.  She didnt have a real good start by the sounds of it but the wd's are long gone.  Sounds more behavioral to me.  Have you talked with your doctor about this?  3 yr olds can be tasmanian devils, getting into everything, stubborn etc.  Does she display other behaviors out of the ordinary?  Does she socialize with other kids?  I wouldnt worry to much about the genetic part right now.  We see many people here who have no genetic genes.    Just love her and guide her like you are doing.  Are you still taking sub?
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