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How long will the withdrawls last?

Wednesday will be my last day taking vicodin. My husband and I planned this out so that he could be here for me through the withdrawls. But he goes back to work on Monday, will the withdrawls be gone before he goes back to work I fear that I will relapse without him. Thank You!
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Everyone is different in their w.d. Some don't have all the same symptoms, and your w.d will depend on how much you are taking, what you are taking, how long you have been taking it. There are many factors. By Monday, the worst of it should be over. You will be ok to be by yourself on Monday for sure. And each day will get better and better. Good luck with it...stay strong, you can beat it...
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Try to plan out a busy day for Monday,  I read, watch t.v., play on computer, talk on phone, take baths, naps. This is a healing time for you so think about what makes you feel better and plan for those things. The vitamins and juices are a must! Good luck  
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I can say from experience to stay hydrated
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How much vicodin were you taking? Were you on it for a very long time? Are you tapering, or going cold turkey?
As enemy says, stock up on vitamins and minerals and follow the thomas recipe. You will feel like you have the flu for about 5 days. Drink fluids and stay hydrated. Opiate withdrawal won't kill you, but watch out for dehydration. That can be dangerous. Gatorade, ice chips, whatever it takes.

Just remember this. Even though the physical symptoms will subside fairly short term, the mental part of addiction can last much, much longer. Cravings, fatigue, depression are all things to be ready for. Get as much support as you can. It sounds like you already are with the help of your husband.

Good luck to you. You will get through this. Keep us updated!
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Monday should be your 5th day.  Some are better by then, and some not.  I, personally was not.

With all that you will go through, by then you'll never want to have to go through that again, so keep that in the back of your mind so you don't relapse.

It's good that he will be there to support you.  I suggest that he educates himself on what to expect.  This forum has enough answers for him.

Have you stocked up on the vitamins & minerals as listed in the Thomas Recipe?

Have you ever run short of pills and felt ill till you could get some more?
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