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How long will withdrawal symptoms last

I took up to 16 hydrocodone (5 mg or 7.5 mg)  plus 6-10 beers per day for 1 year. Then I started taking 16 to 18 hydrocodone 7.5 mg. or Norco 10 mg. plus 6-10 beers per day for 6 months.  Then I started taking only Norco 10 mg. plus my 6-10 beers per day for 4 months.  For  3 months I was taking 20+ Norco plus my 6 to 10 beers and 2 to 3 Xanax (2 mg).  I started tapering off about 2 months ago and now I am down to 2-4 Norco, 1-2 beers and 2 Xanax.   I have been feeling horrible!!!!  Anxiety, Panic attacks, crying, jittery, depression, slight suicidal, sweating, chills, coldness, diarrhea, no appetite, stomach pain, and jumpy legs and body. I want off this **** so bad but I am feeling like I am going to die. Can the Xanax hurt me?  Can I be having withdrawals from Xanax too? What is withdrawal from alcohol like?
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i honestly have no idea about the xanax. my DOC was vicodin. and i know that WDs for vicodin are different from one person to the next. but i can tell you one thing. getting off of the pills WILL BE the best decision you've ever made in your life.

i can promise you that. we're all living proof.
keep your head up, and please keep us posted!
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I can't address the Xanax (I'm sure someone will be along soon who can answer that question), but I can talk about alcohol and Norco. First, depending on your age, cutting the booze won't be as hard as detoxing from Norco and the like. I stopped drinking 24 years ago; a much heavier drinker than how you've described yourself. The physical part of quitting wasn't bad; the mental part was. Now, as far as the Norco, you probably have at least three to four days of hell ahead of you. As almostfree suggested, get vitamins, drink water (I couldn't stand the smell of water for some reason so I drank gallons of Gatorade), and try to eat as soon as you can. There are other things to try, but bottom line, nothing much will make all the suffering go away. BUT - it does get better, and before you know it you'll be clean and your head will be out of the fog. I'm in day 24 and it is great. Hang on...Keep posting and read the posts on this site, and know that you can do this.
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I don't feel qualified to answer your questions but in my case i went cold turkey from opiates  the first 3 days were horrable had all of your same symptons, i found it harder to taper off it,  drags the process out . It does getter better and better each day but sleep is still pretty hard and i have 24 days .How many did you take before u cut down this last time ? how long have you been feeling like this? I  recommend buying some good vitamins from GNC , i bought tons of vitamins and drank a ton of water and it really helps . good luck to you
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