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How much should i start to taper down?

I too am starting today to start tapering down!I woke up this morning and already took 2-30mg roxicodone"s.Im going to see if i can go till this afternoon(12ish-)before taking another 1-1 and a half!Mornings are my worst!!!help????please!
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how many do you have left? if you can you should taper down every couple of days. if you normally take 4 a day in two days take 1 1/2 in the morning and then again in the evening, then wait a couple of day and take 1 each time. that way you arent putting yourself into w/d to fast. you also might check out the thomas recipe and amino acid protocol, get plenty of juice, exercise as soon as you can. good luck, stay online and post any questions you might have. there are lots of wonderful people here to help and support you.  
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Take a look at tapering in the Helth Pages, it helped me.

I tapered from Norco with Vicodin with my Doctor's help.  This is how it went"

First 2 weeks 4 vicodin a day(it helped it I halfed them and took them every 2-3 hours)
next 2 weeks, 3 a day
then next two weeks 2 pwer day
then 1 per day
and that was it

The first week really sucked, but after that it was easy.

I did have my Mom hold my pills for me until she got tired of it and gave them all to me...some days I did take 1 or 2 more and had to make up for it in the end.

Now, i kid myself and feel I could get a script and have self control to just use it the way its prescribed.  I know better so I don't go to the doctor.

And really, the pain I have is not excruciating.

Good luck! You are in the right place for tons of support!
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