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How to detox from methadone

Hi I have a personal experience with this. I started using methadone that I have gotten from my bf. I take 10 milagrams a day for 1 year about. I may miss a few days because I can't find it. I have never gone to a clinic and don't want to.

However I want to get a new job and can't doing this. I have tried to quit but I have never been successful so i have an appointment with a Dr. To try to get on suboxone.  The last time I quit was last week I made it 4 days but still am sick to my stomach. My stomach is what bothers me more then aches and hot flashes. I can deal with that . I take valerian root to sleep. For the anxiety from detoxing I take Confianza from a company called It Works. Both of those are all natural .

Then for being achy I take aleve.  But for the diarrhea I have taken titralac and Imodium only after being sober for 3 days because I have to work. I really at this point just need help with that.Everything else I take helps with my withdrawal symptoms. So maybe this will help someone else. Just want to stop this endless cycle.
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I take peppermint candies and suck on them they help with nausea it's suppose to coat the lining in ur stomach or another option is ask a doctor for nausea medication non addictive. I hope this helps some. I have been tapering since December 2016 from 120 mg and now at 14 mg and I've found peppermint candies to be very helpful. It's an old trick my mom taught me. Stay strong
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