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How to get off Hydrocodone?

Been a hydros for bout 10 years.Taking 7-9, (10/325) hydros a day. Withdrawal is no joke. Longest I’ve been clean was maybe two weeks...I really want to get off this little miracle pill. I started at 28 and now I’m 38 with kids. And I can’t seem to do anything till I take at a pill in the morning....
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Sounds like your journey is just beginning. Start with a little research. Go to YouTube and search on Opiate Withdrawal. Find Dr. Kevin McCauley and see what he says about opiates and the brain. There's a spectrum of substance use disorder and you might just fall in the middle, or opiate dependence rather than at the far end of  addiction. Also, talk to your doctor about gabapentin as a means of managing withdrawals. While not FDA approved for this type of treatment, it's showing promise as an alternate way of managing withdrawals. It's what I was prescribed when getting off oxycodone (300mg gabapentin 3 time a day for 5 days then taper) and it worked for me. I went through a medically assisted detox at a facility that uses a suboxone protocol for detox. I never scored high enough on the withdrawal scale to start suboxone so the PA prescribed gabapentin (if they start subs too soon you go into withdrawals X 20, so you have to wait for a high score). This was a mystery to me and my fellow detoxers because I was using significant amounts of oxycodone before checking myself in to their program. My only real explanation is that I didn't really do anything with drugs until I was in my 50s. My brain had finished it's development and less susceptible to the disorders that drugs can create in the brain.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.....

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Appreciate the help.
Do you have any plans in place for recovery care?
Sorry it took so long to reply. And at the time there was none for me.  I did cleaned up after horrid withdrawls. But cold turkey was the best bet. After hitting rock bottom, I finally cleaned up. Now I’m just going day by day….thank you for asking and even caring :)
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Hello & welcome. Does a doctor prescribe them to you?
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At first yes. But that was years ago..
When you were cleaning for two weeks what did you do to help prevent relapse?

How did you get off last time? Did you taper or did you go cold turkey?
Yes those who are close to you know that you are using?
You’re going to need a support system for any long-term recovery. Have you considered speaking with a therapist? Going to a support group?
There is freedom from the chains and bondage of addiction.
But us know how you’re doing
Sorry typing on phone so many typos.
When I was clean for two weeks, wasn’t really choice it was because I couldn’t get any...sad I know.  I do not have a support system. And when I did I tried to tapper off. Right now I’m down to two pills a day and it’s extremely hard. I can barely function without. I have two kids that depends on me. I do what I have for them but it takes everything I can muster up to help them...
Ok down to two pills a day. Great start. You need to cut every hook up you have for pulls. Delete & forget numbers. It will be hard but necessary.
You need to do somerhing different. If nothing changes, nothing changes.
And support is essential.   There are substance abuse support groups.
AA,NA,smart recovery, celebrate recovery. Individul counseling.
You to have some recovery tools in place to help you through the mental cravings to help prevent relapse.

You can function without them.

Thinking that you cant Is  a lie that you’ve been meant to believe that keeps you using.
Get your mind off the pills as much as you can. Keep yourself busy with your children. Keep yourself moving. Listen to music. You have to find a new routine to get yourself moving if you think pills are what keeps you moving. By faith,  hard work and a support system you can get off these pills.
Keep the faith,

Sorry I took so long to reply.  After hitting rock bottom. I eventually cleaned up. I pretty lost everything and I’m slowly trying to get everything back on track. I hope you’re doing well. And again thanks for everything.
Good morning Dying Sushi,

Did you stop the pills all together now?  It’s so awesome that you posted since many years have gone by.  I’m opiate free myself..  I’m a big baby when it comes to being dope sick so I went on methadone.  I tapered off that and now it’s all in the past.  Never had cravings when I stopped the methadone.  Anyways it’s so cool to hear your progress.  Have a beautiful day.
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