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How to get rid of aubstance abuse

I have been taking drugs for three years. No treatment worked on me. Tell me easy way to get rid of this trouble?

Addiction Recovery Georgia
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Simple leave it. Addiction Recovery Georgia
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what treatment have you tried ?
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There is no 'easy' way to do this. It can be done. Many here have done it, but it is a process that takes 110% of your efforts to stay clean.

"When your desire to get clean, is stronger than your desire to use. Then, you will get clean"  GTMI
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There is no easy way, GTMI is correct.  That may be the first issue you need to deal with.  You need to accept the possibility that recovery is a long-term process, that requires a deep desire and dedication.  A few may be able to simply quit.  Most can't.  You said that no treatment has worked for you, so as avisg asked, what have you tried?

Bottom line is wanting to quit is not all it takes.  Don't fall back on the "easy" solution; the rarely work.    

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for me theres no majic potion or pill, its gotta come from deep inside you soal.what is your drug of choice? clay tx
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I wished there were an easy way to tell u how to do this...one day you will be so tird of it...it will be easier to quit...when u hit that point u will throw in the towel and it still wont be easy but easier....u will grow to loathe the pills and urself and resent the weak, broke partial human being that u have become..the it is easier to quit...still lots of work and there is alot of support on the forum
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If there were an easy way out of this, many of us would continue to return over and over again.  'Treatment' teaches you HOW you can get clean and stay clean.  If it hasn't worked for you, try it again with an open mind.  There are so many people that have successfully won the battle, and what worked for them CAN work for you.  BUT.....you have to do the work.  It takes all the energy and will you have to do this.  Think of all the time and energy you put into getting your drug and using.  If you can use that energy and time in getting sober, this will work.  Its not the treatment that isn't working, you need to do everything that was suggested to you.  Read back over all your stuff you got in treatment.  Stop hanging around friends who use.  Go to meetings, tons of them.  Find friends who are in the same situation....at meetings. Pray....to whoever you feel your 'God' is.  Ask for the strength to change what you can in your life, and accept the things you can't change.
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