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How to quit prescription pills easily..not spam.

Hi, I quit a 120 mg a day of oxycotin/oxycodone 10 months use without even a tremor. And NO depression afterwards. Here is what I did. No excuses it will work if YOU want it to.

I had two surgerys and my doctor put me on the oxy's and after 10 months I stopped taking them...big mistake I got really sick and relized I was addicted to pain pills. I freaked out and panicked I even cryed to my parents and I am 36.I was calling rehabs and everything... I hated myself for becoming addicted and thoughts of suicide danced through my head. I was watching a show on the discovery channel about obese people and they said something that snapped me out of it.

When you eat alot your stomach stretches requiring you to eat more to be full. If you dont eat as much your stomach will shrink thus requiring less food to feel full.  Same principal with drugs eventually your body builds a tolerence requiring more..if you take less your tolerence will get lower.

When I first relized I was addicted I found these forums and they didnt help at all, other then making me more afraid by reading others storys. Lets get this straight YOU ARE ALONE with this. People can give advice and support but YOU have to go through the pain, YOU have to quit for YOU.

I hated myself as you probably do, but we made a mistake and thats okay. Its what we do to fix are mistakes that determines who we are.

I saw my Doctor and told him everything "Doctors are afraid of there patients who became addicted from the pills they prescribed." I told him I want to wean off and he said cool and gave me to 80 count bottles of Oxy's and a new prescription every two weeks. He never questioned me, he knew I was weaning. So tell your doctor in tears like I did, if you have to he can help.

Here is what I did, I was at 120. So I looked at a  clock as 4, 6 hour quarters. WHERE YOU START AT IS WHERE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE.


Every 6 hours I took 20 mg. For 7 days So I was at 80mg a day. (big cut felt a LITTLE crappy for 4 days but no big deal)

Next 7 days 20 mg every 7 hours.

Keeps going up an hour every 7 days until you hit 12 hours.

Congrats your only taking 40mg a day! (depending where you started) Easy huh!!!

Now look at the clock as two 12 hour halves. No more hours we cut pills now. Take one dose..do not spread the 15mg through the 12 hours!

Okay now take away 1 pill every 12 hours. So 15 mgs every 12 hours.

Next 7 days take 10mg every 12 hours.

next 7 take 5mg very 12 hours.

Guess what your only taking 10mg a day! And your not even sick woohoo!

Okay now take 5mg in the morning or once every 24 hours.

Almost drug free baby!

So your now on 5mg a day. If you can cut pill in half. And take half a pill once every 24 hours.

Okay I did this for only two days and just decided to see what would happen if I just stopped completely. day 1 nothing,day 2 nothing,day 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ummm hello NO withdraws and NO depression. Not even a craving..

Day 10 was a beautiful day, I dont know why I waited 10 days to have my toliet celebration..I guess I was shocked I figured even after a half a pill going cold turkey will be a little rough..but not even a tremor and slept like a baby.

My toliet celebration. I had 5 full bottles 80 count oxy". Dumped them in the toliet pissed on them and flushed.

one month later no cravings, no depression never had any of that anyway. I still am mad at myself for allowing this to happen to me..but I am proud of myself for doing the right thing and not letting this ruin my life. I did the right thing for myself.

Its okay you have an addiction, its no big deal. RELAX the fear is your worse enemy. Look ahead at your future. No excuses, do what I did and laugh at yourself like I did for being afraid of nothing.

Cold Turkey if you go this route which is completely stupid. Lets  look at it like weight lost. If you quit eating are you going to lose weight??? NO your body goes into shock and slows down your metabolism and starts eating away at reserves and muscle. Same principal you go cold turkey your body goes into shock, and you go through hell and thats the easy part the post depression is where most people relapse because your body is still miserable and you suffer. Wean off, save yourself the problems.

Some may not agree with what I wrote but I swear it work, and I never got sick. Some people cant wean they say im addicted and if I have pills im going to take them. Well thats fine, the world needs drug addicts..clinics,hospitals,rehabs,medics,cops would be unemployed without you. But for those who have the courage to do this, invite me to your toliet celebaration I will drink lots of water.
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One more thing just in case, in the beiginning when you are counting hours like 20mgs every 6 hours. Take the 20mg in one dose,dont spread it throughout the 6 hours.
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Congratulations on quitting, and glad you could taper.  But this isn't a new idea, and many people have tried over and over and over to taper without success, and to call CT "stupid" is well, just stupid. It's the only route for some people with less will power than you.
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Congrats on quitting and for being strong enough to taper.  Not everyone can do that - many of us were too weak in our addiction to do it and cold turkey was actually easier for us - maybe not physically, but it was SO WORTH it for me!  I'm glad tappering worked for you - but understand that it was NOT stupid for me to cold turkey it as it was the only way that worked for me.  

Like I said, congrats and good luck continuing on your journey!
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I am the weakest willpower person you will ever meet, but my taper plan I had no withdraws or cravings. Nothing I had to fight through thankfully. I was also going through a painful divorce, havent seen my daughter in 6 months and still am on crutches. I had all the factors there to keep using but the wean was just so easy. It has to be a slow wean..alot of people go way to fast.
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I am sorry for saying Cold Turkey is stupid, whatever works..works.
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Thanks for the apology!  It's so true - whatever works for one person does not always work for another. We are all different personalities, etc.  

I am so proud of you for being strong enough to taper - and for those who can do that it's a very smart thing to do!  

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Yes, thanks for that. It's truly great that you were able to avoid so much discomfort. I think a lot of people are able to taper to a point, but then reach a threshold they just can't get beyond. Maybe your experience will give a few more people the impetus to follow through, and you will have done a huge service.


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OK, I read your post and I do agree with your taper plan. It's a feasible way of getting off of any drug. However, what is missing from your post is addictive behavior. All people that take pain meds aren't addicted. Addiction is as much behavior as it is the actual taking of pills. My suspicion is that you were just physically dependent on the medications. In most posts, I can say within 5 sentences whether that person may have an addictive personality. I never got there with your post. And, trust me, I honestly hope you were just dependent. The way my mind works is no picnic. My addiction manifests itself in everything I do all day long...even right now while I'm "clean".
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Excellent post I was thinking the exact same thing. For those that are really addicts tapering down over time almost never works. A short taper at first to ease the shock but all real addicts know that CT day will be there soon enough at least that is how it is with me.Addicts love the high and you keep that stuff in your body long enough even at small amounts and a addict will for sure look for the next buzz and take more.
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I agree with Ga Guy..the first thing I thought when I read your post ...You were just dependent, not addicted ... and trust me, there is a difference!!!!!! Congratulations on getting clean though.
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You did great and there is nothing wrong with other people giving it a try ut you might have een dependtnot addicted either way you have die a gone a great jost
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Nothing wrong I also agree but it will not work with a addict.
You have to get to a CT place with the possible short taper.
Its just common sense think of tapering a sex addict first week 2 times a day then 2nd week once a day and the 3rd week once a week yeah that will work lol.
But this thread is a good one because it really points to the issue of addiction and being dependent. And I am happy your not a addict its a hell of a life having a addictive personality.
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Hey, asvig: Your computer is playing games with you, just like mine -- might have to run a different scan to see what's up ... I've had my fair share of slice/dice on my posts, and though I'm not immune from typos, more typos, and then a typo to end, but, " ... might have een dependtnot addicted either way you ave die a gone a great jost" made my day. A perfunctory viewing of some of my previous posts will confirm that I've sent some real doozies myself ... this one had me cracking a smile, and I thank you for that! The cat actually dropped his banjo, and he can't read!

Movienut: What's your take on "The Thing With Two Heads"? I love Ray Milland ...

Now you see the danger of generalizing and extrapolating from a sample of one (you): great that it worked, but there is no "Master Plan,"as you discovered. Now, just stay away from them-there pills ....
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Congratulations movienut,  I think it is absolutely fantastic for you that you have managed to quit.  I liked your methodical approach to what can only be described as a deadly disease if left to it's own devices and I applaud you on your success.  You have so motivated me that I think I might just apply your approach to stopping smoking.  The last addiction I have been unable to quit.  Your story really inspired me, thanks again.  I've struggled with drugs most of my adult life & only in the last 2 & 1/2 years have I been able to stop using and enjoy my life. I've used various methods to stop using with different degrees of success until something just clicked and I've reached a place where I am comfortable.  Best of luck.
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you were never "an addict". that's wonderful. best wishes!
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Addiction is much different than weight loss, a dieter cannot give up food altogether and must always be allowed something to eat.
To understand an "Addicts" mental and physical desperation for their drugs, have a friend hold your head under water for a minute or two, until you desperately need a breath of air. This is the feeling an addict gets when deprived of their drugs. They think they need them like a breath of air, both physically and mentally.
Big congrats on getting over your dependence on the drugs. No doubt your experience will help others.
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Wow, I love the comparison.. Especially when you are going through the W/D's, its as if you head is held under water just short of killing you and then you come up for air...
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Believe me I was addicted I knew taking a bill would take away the pain take away the sadness of not seeing my daughter being screamed at by my ex. The pain of being bed ridden for 10 months so far. I wanted a pill to make it go away soooo bad.

BUT I relized you know what..YES these pills will make it all go away...but when the drug wears off the problems WILL still be there and I added another problem being a  drug addict.

There is a difference between dependence and addiction, but we choose our own path.

Just think if you can quit drugs, EVERYTHING else that happens in your life will be gravy. After going through that hell, you are a tough *** and nothing can hurt you.

But we all choose are own destiny..We are only passing through this life and we only got one shot at it...its a shame spending it on drugs..huh.

You people are the bravest most caring people I have ever had the chance to interact with.

My plan works, its a SLOW taper and your body is an amazing thing. I didnt have a tremor a sweat or nothing. Did I crave not really.

Just remember no pills can take your problems away, they will be waiting for you when your sober.

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Any other suggestions?
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great analogy!!! That's exactly how it feels....
Movienut: I have been tapering (and still am) coz I had NO OTHER CHOICE, I was hooked on benzos. If only I could have gone CT on them!!!
There's NO miracle solution for any body, we are all different.
I am very happy you found out your way.
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Thank you Movienut!! finally someone who can give some sort of  timeline to work with.
I'm going to start this method . pray that it works
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I read your post on tappering off pills. Thats what I am doing right now. I have been on perc 5/325 for a year now and get 120 a month from my dr. I only take 1/2 the script so I am using 60 a month as I give my girl friend 60. The thing is my dr. even gave me extra scripts (like a couple time wrote me a script for another 120 even though it wasn't due. She resigned last July 11th and I know that the percs are over ause the clinic won't subscribe them. The dr had issues, I knew that. Me and my girlfriend would laugh because we couldn't believe she was giving me all these pills. Yes, origionally I went in due to a car wreck but I wouldnt even know if I still hurt. So I am down to my last 3 pills and I was at taking 4-6 a day for at least 1 yr 3 months. yesterday I took 2 and today I took one. I am so nervous to go through withdrawls. I do feel more tired but so far I am not dieing. Am I kidding myself and should I be prepared for a huge crash in the next day or so? I have no desire to go into the clinic to get more, I just firgured it was fun while it lasted not even realizing the effects. My girlfriend is nervous too. Any advice would be good.
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This is an old post and you would get more responses if you started your own thread.

Since you weaned down you will not feel the full effects of withdrawal as you would had you jumped off at a higher dose. It should be about 4 or 5 days and you will be through the physical withdrawal.

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