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How to withdraw from long-term hydrocodone use

I've been taking hydrocodone for the past five years, and at maximum prescribed levels (1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours - - which, naturally, means 2 every 4 hours) for the past two.  How do I get off this stuff?  Cold turkey?  Phased withdrawal?
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Your not taking a real high dose, I would try tapering down a bit, but probably only over the next 3-4 weeks, then just stop, the withdrawal shouldn't be awful if you have only been taking the amount you had said you were taking.  A thing to remember is withdrawal is not that bad when you go through it the first time, but if you go through withdrawal over and over, it keeps getting worse. You might want to look at Thomas's recipe as something you  might take when you are off the meds, a lot of people swear by it.  Anyway, I apologize for asking a question on your post, but I once again screwed up, I need help!! I started taking the oxy's again, I need some uplifting posts today guys, I'm STRUGGLING and its not pretty.  I hope all is well with everyone, keep it up!!

P.S - how long have you been taking the hydro for?? it sounds like you could get out somewhat easy if you got out now, and remember, when you find yourself saying, I just want one more pill, it NEVER WORKS THAT WAY!! "just when I think I'm out, they suck me back in"

Withdrawal symptoms: bone aches, chills, cold sweats, restless leg, depression, etc... its not fun, thats why Im telling you to stop while your not that bad.......

I went back to taking Hydro's .5 twice every 6 hours like yourself** Sometimes even more depending on my pain** I've got 3 medical situations I've been dealing with since 1992** Started on Loratab to percocet, to Demerol, to FENTANYL Patches+ 90 percocet a month** Yes I was addicted very badly!! But I had a smashed collarbone, austoartritis, Hep C, Cirosus of the liver, and Achalisia, a disease of the esophagus!! I was in a whole lot of pain** Even started useing 3 different Drs. To get 3 time's the meds** And still managed to play the drums for 7 more years ,while high as a kite** I had over 30 accidental overdoses from mixing FENTANYL and Xanax, eventually causeing a seizure condition!! This went on for 16 years** I watched a lot of my CLOSEST FRIEND'S DIE, due to mixing different C2s and even Herion** My Family talked me into moving to Florida in 2011 and I sought treatment, mostly because you can't Dr. Shop down here!! He put me on Butronorphine for 3 months and I was off all meds for the first time in 16 years!! But I was still in a lot of pain!! Went to a DR. And just told him the whole twisted truth,!! He put me on .5 Loratab like yourself and that was 5 years ago!! I know myself better than anyone so if I'm hurting I'll take a couple, if not I won't!! But they don't affect me like they used too, no Rush, no big energy boost** Just relieves my pain** So If you have Cronic pain, stay where you are!! Trust me!! It's better to hurt a little than to be druged out of your mind!! RICKY BUZALSKI!!! Hope this has helped!! Lol!!
I went back to taking Hydro's .5 twice every 6 hours like yourself** Sometimes even more depending on my pain** I've got 3 medical situations I've been dealing with since 1992** Started on Loratab to percocet, to Demerol, to FENTANYL Patches+ 90 percocet a month** Yes I was addicted very badly!! But I had a smashed collarbone, austoartritis, Hep C, Cirosus of the liver, and Achalisia, a disease of the esophagus!! I was in a whole lot of pain** Even started useing 3 different Drs. To get 3 time's the meds** And still managed to play the drums for 7 more years ,while high as a kite** I had over 30 accidental overdoses from mixing FENTANYL and Xanax, eventually causeing a seizure condition!! This went on for 16 years** I watched a lot of my CLOSEST FRIEND'S DIE, due to mixing different C2s and even Herion** My Family talked me into moving to Florida in 2011 and I sought treatment, mostly because you can't Dr. Shop down here!! He put me on Butronorphine for 3 months and I was off all meds for the first time in 16 years!! But I was still in a lot of pain!! Went to a DR. And just told him the whole twisted truth,!! He put me on .5 Loratab like yourself and that was 5 years ago!! I know myself better than anyone so if I'm hurting I'll take a couple, if not I won't!! But they don't affect me like they used too, no Rush, no big energy boost** Just relieves my pain** So If you have Cronic pain, stay where you are!! Trust me!! It's better to hurt a little than to be druged out of your mind!! RICKY BUZALSKI!!! Hope this has helped!! Lol!!
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Thanks for your input.  I've been taking these for five years now, the last two at or near the maximum prescribed amount (up to twelve tablets a day of 10/325 Norco), and have been told that quitting cold was dangerous (especially for a geezer), but as a substance abuser need to get off as quickly as possible.  This stuff is killing me.

Fortunately, my doctor refused to renew any scrips for Percocet or oxycontin - - I don't like the way hydrocodone makes me feel, but that other stuff . . . if I'd been taking THAT for five years I'd have been dead for the last three.  I've heard that when you're trying to kick that stuff, it kicks back.  Good luck; as I tell my friends raising young children, "It's only the first twenty-five years that are hard; after that, piece of cake."

H.P. (HydrocoPhobic, not the other H.P. with whom, in my drug-crazed thinking, I am often confused)
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Taper down slowly.  Then eventually quit.  You have to really really want to stop, or you won't.  Good luck.

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I have been setting here night after night reading you guys talk about being addicted to these pain meds. I never thought of myself as being addicted to anything. I have never been drunk before and I have never done any drugs untill I had my stomach surgery. I had 65% of it removed because of bleeding ulcers. My doctor put me on percocet then that surgery had complacations and caused much pain and I had to have another surgery. This time the doctor put me on percocets and oxycontin 10mg twice daly and because of complations of this surgery I again have pain that is killing me. It was supposed to help me and that doctor messed me up again! Now I am up to 80mg oxycontin Twice a day and about 6 percocets a day. I have moved and the doctor that my doctor from home told me to go to dose not prescribe these drugs. He insted gave me methdone( I do no have a clue as to what this even is.) 10mg tabs and Im supposed to take them two tabs, 3 times a day.  Like I sead before I never thought of meself as being addicted to anything, but I must face fact that I am feeling a strong urge to go to any doctor that will give me what works. I am scared. I have two kids and a loving wife and I dont want to be addicted to anything but I am and I dont no what to do. Can anyone help me please?
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I have a doctor who seems to think all answers come out of a pill bottle. Granted, I have had some relief, but I don't want to be addicted to Lortabs for the rest of my life. I am afraid however of the withdrawal syptoms I will feel when I finally decide to quit. I have gotten myself down to less than is perscribed, but cannot seem to get out of bed unless I know I have one near by. Can anyone explain, in full, what the syptoms are? And, if taking a non-narcotic, such as Ultram for the pain, will help in any way. I take anywhere from one to five Lortabs per day, the higher when I'm working. I know I have somewhat of a grip on it, but quitting scares the daylights out of me. I saw my brother go through withdrawals, and it was not a pretty sight.
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I come here to read everyday just to get insight, strength and support.  I want to say I am the voice of experience...I am not experienced in being sober and giving advice, but I am experienced in dealing with withdrawals and the realization that I am an addict.  I never wanted to know ANYTHING about drugs, had a some wine if at a party, I am ashamed to say I looked "down" at addicts and couldn't get it.  Well, all it took was to become ill with TMJ, migranes and back problems, before long, I too kept needing pills to just "feel" normal, never-mind to get a buzz.  The energy I felt and I could just deal with everything...I could deal with work, teenagers, my health, etc.  BUT only if I had my pills, and mind you I took vicoprofen 7.5 as directed only. Even if I felt the pains of withdrawal come over me...I would wait out that 4-hr., because I WAS NOT AN ADDICT, you see.  Six-months later, I had to accept the fact that I cannot stop...that I have a problem...that I cannot function without...and the withdrawals were getting worse..due to my growing tolerance and addiction.  I was going through mini-withdrawals 3 times a day...this was killing me.  So I de-tox this past weekend.  I bought everything from Thomas' receipe...and went to see a therapist, he gave me something for the anxiety.  All I can tell you is that you begin to feel like your muscles are made of rubberbands...my shoulder blades, ankles, thighs are so tight, it feels like I'm gonna break.  I got chills, fever, hot flashes, nausea, the runs all at once.  But the worst part...has to be the damn depression.  Like I have nothing to look forward to..and so tired.  I know that's the addiction talking...I'm on day 5...they say the first 72 hours are the worst...they were for me...if this haze could just lift...I could deal.  It helps to pray...cry and be here.  Its the only thing keeping me sane.  Is it hard?  and scary?  Hell's yeah...but please read the post "LETHARGY 3 WEEKS LATER" what Monti went through...now that is scary...it ONLY GETS WORSE.  Let's go through this together...let's share the pain...and victory..my tag name is Sadgirl...and I'm not ready to change it..well maybe today to hopeful girl...I hope and pray that my pain and experience can let you see you are not alone...that you did nothing wrong...things just got out of hand...but you'll pull through..we have to have faith.  Hang in there...there are such great people here...I've been blessed by Stars, Lanas and Nod...thank you!
Hopeful girl.
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your post above has drawn me out from a vacation from posting
that i started taking last weekend. first of all: 5 days is a
huge step that must have taken amounts of courage you didn't know
you had.

i've been abusing drugs (mostly IV) since 1964. i went the whole
spectrum...speed, barbs, heroin...finally to wind up supporting
my habit for over 10 years breaking into drug stores and clin-
ics. i knew a great deal about drugs (esp. opiates) except how to
get off them. then in the late 70's i finally got caught filling
one of my mid-night Rxs. i was looking at 45 years in the state
reformatory. some how i lucked out and only drew a very light
sentence. after getting clear of that (i used the whole time) i
broke my leg below the knee. i was runnig a piece of heavy con-
struction equipment.you know in all those years of shooting all
the dope i could get my hands on , i never once thought what i would do if i ever needed a pain killer. for the next year while my leg was "rebuilt" i sure had a lot of time to think about it!

i went clean for 17 years. i met a wonderful women who is now my
wife, wound up in a good city to live and work in, had a great
job.....and then an injury from 1970 came back to almost wreck
my life. since spring of 2000 i've had two cervical level spine
surgerys. in the winter of 2001 my surgeon told me "one of the
fussion failed, it has to be redone. i'm taking you off all pain
killers and you have to quit smoking for 60 days."....well i
went to a pawn shop, bought a cheap 20 gage shotgun and a box of
shells....a friend talked me out of it--i got me a 72 hour stay
in the local spin bin and a referal to a pain clinic. shortly
after coming home from the spin bin my wife turned me on to this
site. it has saved my life!!!!

today i take 40mg of oxycontin 3 times a day. taking this ****
the way i'm supposed to is the most difficult task i've ever
faced. the last surgery was successful, except i'm in intractable
pain. every 4-5 weeks i take a vacation from oxy for a week to
10 days. i do this to find out where my pain levels are, as i do
not want to be on oxy for the rest of my life if i don't have to.

today is day 5 for me too. before work i swam a non stop mile. i
did the same yesterday. i know all too well about that "nothing
to look forward or to live for....the only advice i have to of-
fer is get up and get moving. i know from expierence, nothing but
using dope can be accoomplished sitting on your ass.

sadgirl, nothing new happens in the world of drugs - except for
getting off them. i've heard all of the tired old excuses for
using come out of my own mouth!!

5 days is a real good toe-hold, so dig in and make a stand for
yourself! get on the l-tyrosine, zink, magnesium, and manganese.
i was amazed how much of a difference they make!

keep posting and keep an angel on your shoulder!
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Kip, Wow!  What a testimony...thank you so much for sharing your pain and for coming out of "vacation", to give ME support...what beautiful people.  It makes me stronger...I only hope someday to repay the blessing.

Hopeful girl.
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I started taking Vicodin last November. 3 per day is my script! I also take klonopin, 2mg per day. The last few weeks I've gone through some medical testing, I seem to have a flu bug/virus for 7 weeks now that won't go away. SO, I started taking more vicodin daily just to get through work. I had an extra bottle from surgery. Anyway, now I'm waking up every morning so nervous I have to take 1mg of klonopin and 2 vicodin just to get out of bed and my 2 girls I raise all alone going! Then the stressful drive through city traffic to a job that is high tech and stressful. I manage an IT deparment! WELL, I wish I had NEVER taken the first narcotic!!! I'm taking them for stress and nerves now, not pain. HELP, what do I do, where do I turn??? I've been in a detox center once which was wonderful cause my insurance and company sent me to the finest in the country!!! I want to cut down slowly. I have 2 daughters to raise, I need to be home. Is there a certain doctor I should be looking for to help with this? I'm taking next week off and going up to my mom's, I'm thinking of toughing it out up there. I don't know, even a month off of work or something. This stuff has taking over my thinking and I'm afraid....

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Hi everyone,
I may be out of place by placing a post here and feel free to put me in my place if I am please!

  I am a recovering addict of almost 11 years.  I was what you would call a teenage addict.  I started very early in life.  From the time I was 8 years old to the time I was 15 years old I spent my life in Rehabs for a year at a time and sometimes more.  I know some of you ask how I had access at that age to the stuff, but I had a broither who was 5 years older than me and since I was always the one in trouble, they never payed attention to what he was in to.  I just want to tell you that it does get better with time.  I can honestly say that I do not have and have not had the urge to drink or pop a pill etc. for years now.  But I still have to keep my guard up at all times.  Becuase they teach you that in AA that once an addict, always an addict.

  I have many medical problems now that require me to take pills such as Lorcet, percocet etc.  and it scares the hell out of me to think of what Im putting in my body.  It makes me physically ill everytime it comes time to take them.  And I dont take them as prescribed either because Im afraid I will get hooked again, so most often I just deal with the pain without them.

  I just wanted to tell all of you who are trying how very proud I am of your willingness to try, and that is does get better, HONEST!  You just have to believe.  I went throught the withdrawls many, many times, but if you canhang through it, it's well worth it.
  Just get God in your life to help see you through it.  "  You can do all things through Christ Who Lives In You"  I sincerely belive that, and you should too.  Good Luck too you all.

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Praise God!!!!  you have no clue how happy i was to read your post tonight!!!!  (made me cry)..  5 days.... what a huge accomplishment....  and i am so so happy for you...  your thru the hardest part...  just keep going forward because i know that you want to free from your addiction badly...  i have been praying for you so much...  thinking about how you are.  wondering if you are okay...  your post tonight even sounded so much clearer, as hard as it may have been for you to write...  i am so tierd i can hardly keep my eyes open....  wiped down walls all day, burnt out....  i will write more later...  i am so proud of you...  so happy...  you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers....  love..... stars!   :)
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I just want to let you all know that even though I do not know any of you, I am so very proud of you and hope that you know how important it is to share your stories with others.  I am sitting here alone right now because my husband was arrested yesterday for trying to call in his own prescription for vicodin.  He has had an ongoing problem with pain meds for over two years.  He has resorted to stealing my medication after I had surgery, stealing medication at the hospital where he worked, which resulted in him losing his job and his liscense; and now this.  Through all of this, he has insisted that he has NO problem, and this has been so hard on the rest of us in this family.  Your postings help me to see that we can make it through this, and he CAN make it through this.  I have seen him go through withdrawal, and it is agony for him.  I know that we have a hard road ahead of us, but I know we are not alone.  Each of you stay strong, and know that you have touched me and have made the difference I needed to keep it all going.  Thank you so very much.

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This is my first post and I wanted to give some hope to anyone that needs it.

Today is 5 days clean from Hydrocodone after a lengthy on and off addiction. This last time of almost 4 years. I feel very lucky that my dosage never exceeded 8, 10's per day. I have had Oc's and I am so glad I decided not to go that route.

But to all who read this. It's so worth going cold turkey, if you can, that is to say if you're not on something hard like OC's. I've been told by many pain and addiction specialist Hydrocodone withdrawals only feel like your dying.

I went to my first NA meeting last night, and I am so glad I did, I would reccommend it to all who seek to get clean. It really helps. And vitamins suppliments, tea, herbal remedies. Those are all great things to try. It has helped me. I realize everyone is different in our addictions. But one thing remains a constant. Our quality of life will improve that first day we put down that bottle forever.

Here's to all of you suffering with me. We can do it. Press on. It's all we have. It's worth it. I can feel it already, even in my fifth day sober.

Prayers. Me.
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Happy Easter everyone!  I haven't posted in a while.  Some of you may remember me from a week or so ago.  I was on a 13 year, 20 a day 10/500 Lortab & 3 a day 20mg oxy habit due to chronic back/knee pain.  (Degenerative Joint Disease or Bone on Bone in knees and low back.

Anyway...I planned to stop cold turkey and detox out of my home 11 days ago.  I sent my 13 yr old to my moms and bought the Thomas recipe and prayed.  Thanks to God and this site, I did not touch anything for 7 days.  My plan was to just quit the Lortab, as that's become my "problem & drug of choice for reasons other than just pain".  But at the last minute I decided to stop both meds to see if I could do it and check my pain level.  I went thru hell, but considering the amount I was used too.  It wasn't as unbearable as I thought it would be.  I attribute that to my mindset and God's help.  I was ready to stop.  I knew I was killing myself slowly.  I had quit my casual wine w/dinner alcohol use a year ago in Feb., knowing my liver was in jepordy.    I'm not a medicine person.  I have respect for pills, never got into drugs, and didn't drink to get drunk.  Only enjoyed a glass of red w/a fine steak.  But with a combo of tolorance and an abusive 8 year marriage, I began to get out of control and hide my pain (emotional & physical) w/the lortabs.

I really didn't have back pain after the first 3 days, but my knees felt as if a butcher knife was stabbing the caps over and over and over.  (Had surgery on them 3 times).  Thank God for my moist heating pad.  I didn't sleep for several days, so I took Klonopin every other nite and Ambien on the other nites for the first week.  

I'm underweight, and thought I would be craving food, especially sweets.  Wow, was I wrong!  I gagged on anything I tried to eat, and wound up having to drink Ensure to get calories.  

Finally after day 7, I had to take my prescribed 3 oxy's, as it was shear torture to move across my living room due to the knees and the damp weather here in TX.  I had scheduled 8 days off work, and I do massage/skin care, so I realized that during our rainy season, or when the humidity is high, I would have to take the damm oxy's to allow me to be productive and do my job without moving like an 80 year old woman.

At first, I felt dissapointed in myself for taking them.  But I quickly reminded myself of my three knee surgeries, and diagnosis.  I know I will have pain the rest of my life.  But as long as I can stay off the Lortabs and ONLY take what is allowed (or less) w/the oxy when needed.  I will be in control of me and be a better person as a whole.

I'm tempted and probably will be forever, at night to get into my Lortabs, but I haven't and quickly remind myself of what I've just done for me and my daughter.  I know, if I ever took a lortab, I would go right back into my habit.  It gives me a "high" that is appealing unlike the oxy's.  They simply take the pain away w/out the euphoria.  I think that's why I never abused that drug.

So, today is day 11 w/out my lortab.  I have 110 of them in a stapled pharmacy bag in my kitchen.  They've been there the whole time I detoxed.  I keep them there to test my strength.  I told my daughter about me and the bag.  She's so proud of me for not wanting them.  As is my family.  And that makes this all worth while.  I'm not sure what I'll do with the script I've had, but I plan to tell my pain doc in two weeks, not to fill anymore lortab.

I know this plan isn't for everyone, and some may not agree w/the stapled script in the house.  As God is my witness, they've not been touched.  I'm proud of me.  I look and feel better.  I think clearly again.  Even colors look brighter too me.  And...my one pack a day smoking habit, is cut in half!

I made it thru my personal hell.  I pray the rest of you that are going thru detox now, can do the same.  I keep reading to keep me on my toes.  I know I'm still at risk for relapse.  I also know me, and I don't like to fail.  I'm writing a book on my addiction, and couldn't have finished it if I was still abusing the lortabs.  The book has to have a breakthru, happy ending.    

Just thought I would share.  Sorry for the length.  I hope everyone has a nice Easter.  It's the weekend of new beginnings.  

OH...I go to court next Thurs to get my divorce finalized.  While on the pills, he made me feel I would be nothing w/out him and no one would want me w/my pain issues.  Thank God I now know that it's really only my knees, it's not as painful as the rebound pain I had between dosages was, and I am worth lots.  And I'm healthier (mind & body) than I knew.  Someone out there will realize this and love me in a healthy way.  If not, I have my four cats to grow old with.

I pray we all begin this spring clean, happy and at peace with ourselves. :) Good luck!

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I'm going through detox real soon.
I'm afraid that i won't be able to get down the vitamins that i would like to take to make the withdrawal symptoms easier.
Plus, when i'm in withdrawal, i can't eat.
My health has suffered through these times of drug-use, my weight is already very low.
I can't afford to loose any pounds.
I know it's going to be hard to get healthy food down.  When i'm hurting, if i can get any food down, it's sweets.
Basically, i'm afraid of getting to weak!
I am past nervous about all of this! :(
Lv Jenny
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As I wrote above your posted message, I too am under weight.  5'5 and 108#.  I was able to eat cold cereal because it was sweet.  (Lucky Charms), banannas, white bread balled up into tiny little pieces.  And "Ensure Plus" chocolate flavored high protien/calorie drink helped.  It's made specifically to put weight on.  The potassium is 500mg per drink.  It was my main diet when I had cancer and couldn't eat a thing.  Without the Ensure, I would have withered away.  It comes in three flavors, is rich like a really thick glass of chocolate milk.

I bought tons of sweets for my at home detox, thinking I'd continue to crave them as I have when taking my lortab, but all of a sudden...the desire for them dissapeared.  In fact B-B-Q flavored Fritos were what I nibbled on.  My body needed the salt due to the diarreah while detoxing I think.  I hope that helps.  Try pre-natel vitamins too.  Good luck! :)
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Thank you Dawnslight!!!
I glad you got through it and those are great ideas.
I know prenats are wonderful!!!
Lv Jenny
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I want to welcome all the new members to this special group, I was amazed when I read this thread! As some of you said you read and don't post,I did that for a little while also, the things I have learned here have helped me a lot and the people in this group are truly amazing, sincere,caring and want to help one another--ask and you shall receive--- although we are not doctors, we HAVE experienced it first hand.I know it is hard to "stay on track " when you are taking pills, your mind is blured, but if you want to STOP this is a great place to start. Anyway ----what some of you seem to want to know is what withdrawal is like--and I can only tell you my pesonal expeiences--I took percodan, however I could get it for more than 15 years. I went thru withdrawal over 20 x's (usually because I couldn't get anymore pills.)The first 3 days are real bad,plan to stay home, probobly in bed, have ammodian for the diareah, and if you don't have an addiction problem with barbs, a few Zanax, clonadine,Soma or similar helps a lot. Drink lots of fluid and if you can get a perscription for Darvocet( in all those years I never found them to be addictive) they help A LOT with the aches and pains--if not Ibprophen willhelp some.
You will sweat, sleep a lot at first,poor later on, stomach cramps and diareah, basicly feel real rotten,like the flu.Absolutly no energy, and in a bad mood. After day 3 get out of bed and everyday it will get better untill one day 1,2,3 or 4 weeks later you will wake up singing with the birds and feel great. Tapering down definitly helps, but it's giving that last pill and having no hydro in your body that starts the bad withdrwal stuff. If the depression lasts see your Dr. about getting an SRI like prosac. Now-- staying straight and detoxing from Oxy's is another issue. Keep reading and posting and we will be here when you make that step ( I did for the LAST time 3/8/02). Gosh I can never keep it short, that's just me I guess.
P.s hi Dawnslight, I remember you and also have a 13 year old daughter--& thanks Smokeater we all love to hear from those who have actually done (for more than a month) what we hope to be able to accomplish one day
My thoughts and prayers are with you all
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Onthedge, sorry to hear/read about your situation. I'll pray for you. How did the addiction start with your husband? Did he have surgery? When did he tell you, or did you just find out? A lot of people struggle with telling their family. Maybe he didn't because he thought it wasn't a problem. How did he get caught? Often doctor hoppers wonder how the arrest would happen? Did they catch him on the phone? Maybe you don't want to go over the gory details, but the fear is one good reason to straighten up. I've had my own "run in" and wonder how some folks get in trouble and others don't? I think it's likely a blessing. 2 years is better than 20... again, you're in my prayer. Ketta.
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Thank you for your post, i really needed to hear that tonight!
I'm going through detox soon, running out of pills without a way of getting more as you can see on my post above.
Thanks again, i need all the help i can get at this point!
Lv Jenny
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I've sat here for the past 40 minutes reading every heart wrenching word you guys have written...I'm touched...and encouraged.  I'd like to share my "problem" with you, ask for guidence and prayers...

Two years ago, after suffering for 10+ years, I began taking Lortab then the Norco for chronic back pain after totaled 2 cars - (not my fault :).  Anyway like everyone else, in the beginning I stuck to the amount, or less, that was prescribed simply because I was SCARED to death of any kind of medication.  Even the OTC stuff, I wouldn't take it.  It was during one extremely painful day that I decided to double the dose.  Big mistake!  I'm been steady to increase my "dose" for the last year.  Here's what I'm taking now...six to ten 10mg Norco's first thing in the morning.  After I get to work at 8am, I take another handful - the same 6 to 10.  At 1130am, I do the same thing again.  I'm ok now until around 4pm when I dose up again.  I leave work at 5pm and by 630 pm I've taken 6-8 5mg Oxycodone. And I'll do this again around 9pm.  

I've got 3 doctor's giving me scripts for these "drugs" plus a room-mate that shares his!  I KNOW I have a major problem...My questions...Where and how do I even begin to get away from this hell I'm living in?  No body, and I do mean no body has a clue that I take this much medication!  Several of the previous posts have mentioned "Thomas Receipe."  What is this?  The herbs & teas?  The vitamins?  What kind?  And just how long does the withdrawl process last?  What can I expect?  And how do I tell my husband?  I know he'll be supportive of me, he'll do whatever he can to assist me in getting away from this drug.  Then, after I've gotten off of the Norco, what do I do for the pain?  I also have Fibromyalgia.  I don't get the "high" from the Oxycodone that I get from the Norco.  I'm terrified of alerting my doctor to my problem for fear that I won't be sucessful at quiting...

Help Please!
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hi - i can relate to your problems as can many, many people here i'm sure.  you have taken the first step - admitting the problem and asking for help.  do you have a doctor you can talk with about this?  everyone i have told about my "secret" has been very supportive - i have even called the pharmacies i have used and asked them to never refill a narcotic medication for me again.  most people will understand the courage it takes to admit something like this...tell your doctor.  if he isn't understanding, look for an addiction specialist.  you could try inpatient detox, altho that did NOT work for me.  there's a place you can look up online cprflorida.com, which specializes in pain and outpatient detox.  tell your husband...mine has been a lifesaver for me.  he has his moments of impatience, but for the most part he has supported me every step of the way.  i don't know a ton about the "recipe", but it involves amino acids (and other stuff)- do a search on this site, and i'm sure you will find some info on it.

good luck to you...you are on your way to recovery - keep posting - this site has helped me in more ways than i can tell you.
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WoW Dawnslight that was an absolutely super and inspiring post.
You made it it this far I'll be praying along with you so theres
NO relaspe. Happy Easter and good luck in court Thursday. I too
am divorced with two cats that love me very much as I know yours
love you. Springs coming hang in there things have got to get better.
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