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How will clonidine help with withdrawal

I have been prescribed Clonidine for tramadol withdrawal.
How will it help me
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I hear it helps with the flu like symptoms but will make you sleepy. That's what I read a doctor say. I kind of wish I had some right now cuz I'm already feeling fluish at 36 hours. I hope it helps you
Are u in withdrawal also
Go to Dr and get something.its he'll I can't move I want to know what will help .I have all the horrid symptoms
Yes I'm in withdrawal - but I tapered pretty low so it's not complete hell - just crappy feeling
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Clonidine lowers blood pressure so you dont feel withdrawels....i had to take .2mgs and it works good..but i noticed with me i had to tapper off the clonidone now im at .5mgs.
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How much tramadol are you coming off of?  Did you taper?
O 15 37.5 g a day for 2 years

I could not taper as am a addict.
I just want more and more.
DR knew this but still gave me them
On 6day of cold turkey.
It's hell on legs
Clonidin really helped and lots of fluids
I also took pramipexal  for restless legs.
The insomnia is still bad
I relapsed 3 times so went 3 times more through withdrawell from tramadol.
My lovely dog was prescribed them so I took hers.
Now 1 week clean .
Never again lost two jobs .
Start workbin a new job Tue.
This stuff is evil .
Clonidine helped a lot with sleep and sweats
Still getting sweats and bad insomnia.
But am out of bed and living my lfe

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