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How's Everyone?

Hey everyone!

I'm posting this so that people can have a space to check in, if you feel like it. How's everyone doing with sobriety? Successes? Challenges? Feel free to check in with where you're at with your journey. :)

I've had lots of weeks of sobriety dispersed among intermittent relapses. It's not ideal, but I'm definitely at least proud of my clean time. I hope that I can eventually turn the sobriety into a permanent fixture, but it hasn't happened just yet.

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I am proud to hear that, you are an example of strength and it is beautiful to hear how you get up every time you fall, that is what it is about, falling but faster getting up and moving forward!  I am in this forum, looking for information for my husband, who is in withdrawal from suboxone, here I found wonderful people with incredible willpower, stories of completely sober people that make me proud and give me hope of one day seeing my husband in that stage too!
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