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Hydrocodone Withdrawal

Hello all, I am on day 4 of hydro withdrawal and still feel like garbage. Stomach is constantly upset, legs wont stop shaking, restless at night. Also does anyone have clammy hands that no matter how much you try to dry them they just clam up right away again? Strange! How much longer can I expect to have these symptoms last? I have gone through this before but dont really remember. I hate feeling naseous and restless. This forum is so helpful and appreciate all help given, Hope this is the time to kick it for good. Had really bad marital problems at home and was using for the wrong reason to numb the pain. Wrong kind of pain!! I plan to talk to a therapist to help. Thanks.
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Hi and congrats on day 4, you are doing the right thing! I am on day 8, coming out of everything you are going through now. For your legs, i would recommend getting your self some magnesium supplements, it does help. Also, i have been taking a couple benadryl in the evening to help me sleep/relax. It is an antihistamine allergy medicine you can get over the counter. Anyways, i started coming back around at about the 5 day mark so you are about through the worst of it, hang in there and keep coming here for support, and get any other support for yourself that you can lined up, the mental part after the physical is the hardest, don't give in and don't give up, we are here for you!!!  Best of Luck, Jacky
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Hi congrats! you are actually over the worst of it! everyday gets better...i'm not a dr, but i have been thru hell and back w/ opiates. When i have known i had to go thru w/d's,
I got: drinks, soup, tea, crackers, immodium, pepto-bismol, and i also always got the following: (plz remember i'm not a dr., i just have been thru this alot), so i also got valium-for the anxiety, prescription 800mg ibuprofen for the legs-and the drug neurontin helps alot w/ the nerve pain also, a couple of Ambien to sleep in the beginning, and some type of cold medicine b/c my nose runs so bad its like i have a terrible cold. My Ipod is also essential, music seems to really help alot at taking your mind off of things. And plz remember that i am NOT advocating taking any large doses of drugs or replacing one problem w/ another..i ONLY get enough medication to get me thru the roughest spots- usually days 2-4.
I hope this helps and remember, there are a ton of people here who have been right where u r. You will get thru it, the mental part is the worst for me and the addict mind will try to play tricks on you to get you to give in and take a couple of pills to get relief, but just distract yourself and i promise you are on the right path to feeling so much better!
Best wishes!
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I am on day 6 I believe of no hydrocodone and I am just starting to feel better. I am starting to get some of my energy back and am starting to act like my old self. I am still really moody but other than that, I am not having much w/d anymore. How much hydro's were you taking and what mg's? That makes a difference too....hang in there. This website is awesome and it helps so much.
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Congrat's on day 4..  Physically, the worst is behind you..

We are all different, but I am entering day 8 clean, I find every day gets a little better, since day 4..

I did a couple of things on day 4 that where amazing.. I went to the family doctor and told her all.. and went to the pharmacy to pick up some Imodium..

My doctor gave me Clonodine, which has helped allot..

Bear down and post here often.. Your well on your way..
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I was in your shoes 35 days ago..I can tell you things will only get better.  Hot baths, music you like..will help.  I know it *****..Lack of Sleep and feeling fatigue..If I can do it  so can you!  Keep Posting

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