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Hydrocodone addiction?

I've been reading some posts on this site and found people who are so caring and helpful.  Thank you all
for taking the time to help others.
I have been diagnosed with diffuse/poly-neuropathy. I am not a diabetic which is #1 cause.  I am taking 5mg. of Hydrocodone every 4 hrs. for the pain and 300mg. of Neurontin every 8 hrs. This ritual has been since the diagnosis. The pain NEVER goes away, the meds only take the edge off, the point where I cry with pain.  I called my neurologist about this and his assistant told me that he said I was addicted to the Hydro.  He made NO suggestions as what else to do for the pain. Only suggested I get a second opinion. Those are hard to come by for the really GOOD docs.  I have an appt. in JUNE!  I use a walker as my feet feel like sponge on the soles, spend
most of my day on the couch or in bed.  I feel like a vegetable!  Lost over 30 lbs., 5' 8" tall,  wt. 114 lbs now all saggy skin & bones.
I cannot stop taking these for now, until the nerves heal.  I am not a pill person, at all, not even to take an
aspirin for a headache. I just started (trying to swallow) a bunch of B vitamins and a thing called Alpha-Lipoic
Acid (health food store) which I read on a web site that will help heal the nerves.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Prayers help me get thru the day.  Bless you all!  Pat
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Thank you for your care.  I did find a pain management place near me and another doc appt. tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will get the much needed help with this pain.
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Thank you.  I will check the site out.
Good luck to you.
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I also have diabetic neuropathy an am in pain 24/7
I remember taking Alpha lipoic acid and it did work, but is very expensive and had to quit . Now, my pain is so bad , I have to go back to it no matter what the cost.
Here is the tricky part, the stuff you get at the Helth food stores does nothing.
You need Na-Rala , which is a solubule, natural alpha lipoic acid and really works. here is where to get it: (no affiliate links, I am not an affiliate)

learn more about it here:

Hope this helps you
I also found a cream I am going to order:

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Thank you.  I will check out the other forum as well.  
My doc didn't refuse to refill my scripts YET....he is still my doc
until I can get to the other one in June, hopefully sooner if I keep
calling there as you suggested.  Hopefully, I will get there sooner.
He is the one I really want to see.
In the meantime, I have an appt. with another (infectious disease, I had
Lyme disease a while back) hope he can find out if the Lyme is causing this as it is one of the reasons why.  I will be back to let you know how I make out.
Thanks again. Pat

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Thank you for your care,  I made an appt with Pain Mgmt only to find out they only help people with back or neck problems.  I will keep calling the
doc (June appt.) to see if they can fit me in when they have a cancellation.
Thank you again.
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There is another forum for pain management you might post on as well.  That way you can cover all your bases for info.  They are not quite as active as this forum, but it might be helpful.  Look on the right of this page to related forums and you will see pain management link.  

So your doctor refused to refill the script and thinks you are faking??  That makes no sense since he/she made the diagnoses.  The pills are for active pain management which it sounds like you are dealing with.  I am so sorry that he has not been more helpful.  

I know that your appt. is in June.  Can you ask to be put on a wait list??  If they won't you could try calling every few days to see if there has been a cancellation.  I have done that before and sometimes it works.  
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I don't have any great words of wisdom or ideas for you but I wanted to acknowledge your post and tell you I'm so sorry you are dealing with this.  Sounds like you have some real need for actual pain management not just pills shoved at you - these docs are so frustrating.  I hope you find a doctor who can truly help you find comfort.
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