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Hydrocodone and tramadol addict. 12 hrs into cold turkey detox

As the thread says I have been using hydrocodone and tramadol for about 7 years now and have decided to go clean.  12 hrs in.  Would appreciate some feedback.  Thanks.
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Hello & welcome. Congrats on deciding to take back your life.
What doses weee you on?
Stay hydrated, hydrate, hydrate.
Most important.
Is thus the first time you gave tried to stop?
Did you go to the NA that you mentioned  on another thread?
We are here to help & support you.
Yes this is the first time I have tried.  I'm about 36 hrs in.  I am drinking lots of Gatorade and water, alternating.  Listening to lots of music and watching YouTube videos.  I was on 180 10mg hydrocodone per month.  I didn't have issues running out early but I also used the entire script.  120 tramadol a month also.  It's been rough but feel I still have the fight left in me.  Weirdly I seem to have increased appetite even though I read eating would be the least of my concern.  I also seem to be very susceptible to emotions.  I was reading stories of getting clean and found myself tearing up.  I still actually have hydros left but gave them to my girlfriend as a last resort.  I haven't asked for them yet.  I believe I will tell her to dispose of them.  I went to the na meeting.  Talking was helpful.  Will keep trying to move forward.  The physical symptoms have been terrible.  The mental not as much.  I'm sure the cravings will hit soon.
Actually I just told my girlfriend to flush them down the toilet and I watched her flush them.  It was terrifying but also empowering.  We both felt great.  Will keep you all updated.
About 60 or 70 hrs in.  Colors seem more bright and vibrant.  The runs are in effect as well as nausea.  All muscles hurt.  However at times I feel very proud and happy.  Just starting to feel like I can do this.  Will keep you all up to date.
About 80 or 90 hrs in.  Stating to feel a bit better.  Still have a strong appetite.  Very tired but also energetic.
You are doing fantastic. I am so proud of you. Having an appetite is a bonus.
To help combat stomach issues, eat yogurt with probiotics or take probiotic supplements. Eat binding foods, bananas, rice, apples & toast.
The "brat" diet. Staying hydrated is key. Move around as much as possible.
You got this. Keep on keepin on.
Well been 8 days sober.  Starting to feel better.  You can do this.
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