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Hydrocodone for Depression - An Alternative way ? How dangerous a path ?

I began taking hydros for back pain.  I have several degenerative issues at various levels in my lower back.  I used the hydros very responsibly only breaking them out under the conditions of severe pain or having to push my way through an important task.  All the while (and for many years) I suffered through anxiety attacks and ever worsening depression.  I had taken Lamactil for bipolar and depression several years back, but not much luck with it.  After taking the Hydros for pain, it did not take me long to realize that this medicine was really doing a job on my depression.  Even with some of my worst anxiety attacks it would fix me right up.  I could actually get a ton of work done and be productive.  I was amazed, I had no idea that a painkiller would do that.  Then I read about how opiates were used for treating depression at one time or another.  Now they have become a depression med for me.  I am still trying to take them only when needed.  I have an appointment with a psychiatrist in a couple weeks cuz I know I should try fighting this anxiety/depression with something else.  OR SHOULD I ?  Will I just have to become dependant on another drug that will only half work?  At times I stand here and the only thing that keeps me from being super productive is about 15mg of Hydrocodone.  For now the alternative is that I can just freeze up with my stupid anxiety and get nothing done.  What a conundrum, any input is welcome.  Thanks.
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Hi.  I understand where your coming from because I thought my vicodin's were a cure all!  Felt good, gave me more energy than I could ever believe, if I had sinus issues - they fixed those too.  The wonder drug I thought.  I'm on day 32 off of them.  It is still so hard and I still dream about them.  My physical with drawls I assume are done, but at times I feel sad and think about a vicodin.  I have refrained and even passed on them from someone trying to sell me more.  It was so hard!  But I did it.  I would just ask your doctor or whomever you are going to see.  One thing I do know, is they might make you feel good at first - but when your script runs short and you need more you will feel like ****, no production getting done then and all you will do is think about how to get more.  I was spending a lot of money and realized each one of those were a felony should I be caught.  I feel better today without the lies and fears that go with that "good" feeling I used to have.  Good luck my friend and talk with someone regarding this.
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Thank you for your input on this thread I started.  And yes for me as well, I consider the Hydrocodones "Superman Pills".  You see, I guess my main question or concern is this:  I have read so much about how it is also hard to get off anxiety/depression meds once you are on them for a while.  And I know for a fact that I am going to be a person that will need long term treatment.  So I ask the community here.  What the heck is worse?  If the hydros are working then why not use them ?  I should be able to continue to get them legally because of my back issues and I have noticed no 'come down' issues when the pills wear off.  I do worry that they will not help me reach my goal of becoming anxiety/depression free (and actually may hinder that).  But I need to live right now in the present.  And finally my last worry is that I will just be addicted eventually to the meds that the psychitrist prescribes.  Dam I wish I did not have these physical and mental issues so I would not have to worry about addiction.  This sucks and I feel like I am going to wind up at a dead end no matter what.
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Yep, it must feel like being between a rock and a hard place.  Talk to your doctors and see what they think.  I guess we are not experts and I know nothing about medications for depression and anxiety.  Maybe you would get medications for both??  If you need your pain medications, then you need them.  Like I said my use was for pleasure mostly.  I can't imagine needing them for chronic pain and stuff, if I did - I would take them, but take them as precribed until something different may come along.  Progress I mean in chronic pain, maybe some other magic cure will happen.  Until then, take what helps you and do some research.  We have so much at our fingertips these days.  It is nice, because people like us don't like to let everybody know everything right..Good luck my friend and I hope you and your doctors come up with a good solution that works for you all around.
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I know of a guy who flies every month from St Louis to Chicago to get a prescription of methadone from a doctor. He is not a heroin addict, not a pain pill addict, he suffers from depression. The methadone is what keeps him from killing himself.
I take it for addiction, and I have suffered many years from depression as well. I have so many suicide attempts under my belt that I have lost count, but since getting on methadone and getting my dose stable, I have noticed my depression is something I can easily deal with. In fact my wife of 22 years left me last summer. At first I just knew I would die. I was sure that I would do myself in any minute, but thanks to methadone i was able to pull through it.
I still live alone and still think of her always, but I can deal with it. Yes, I miss her and even cry from time to time, butit's nothing I can't deal with.

Talk to your doctor about it. It might be an answer and methadone is very long acting so you wouldn't have to take it every few hours like pain pills.

Just something to think about.

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ive been taking antidepressants for 8 yrs, paxil, zoloft and nothing helps... i take percs and oxycontin recreationally.  they make me productive too.  i can take a pill and get allmy chores done, study for school, be social...things i cannot do on my own...i hated being addicted to paxil, and i hate being addicted to pain meds..but at least they make me feel good...
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Get off of the Hydrocodone while you still can, PLEASE! My situation was so much like yours and I thought so much like you that it's almost scary... I have also had issued with severe depression and anxiety all my life and when I started taking hydrocodone, all my depression and worries magically disappeared. I became so addicted so fast that I never realised it until it was too late. Hydrocodone addiction is hell, I promise you. And they are extremely easy to get addicted to. I strongly suggest Methadone instead. Talk to your doctor about it or find a clinic or something. Here's a website that may help you find a place. Please check it out and keep me posted...


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