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Hydrocodone help

I have been taking 2 10mg hydrocodones every 4 to 6 hours every day for the last 2 years. I am trying to quit. I have 60 pills left. I can't stand going through withdrawals. I have 2 small kids and when I have withdrawals I sleep all day and they pretty much fend fr themselves and it is not fair to my kids. What Is the best way to quit without going through really bad withdrawals. I am serious about quiting bc I am letting the pills run my life and it is taking a major toll on me. I don't have anyone around for support, so please Someone help. I just want to quit and I don't want to have severe withdrawal symptoms.
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I have never experienced withdrawal from hydrocodone but I am sure it is as bad as oxycodone withdrawal, and you are right, you don't want to go through it.  The best way from my experience is to taper your dose down a little at the time, buy some baggies from the pharmacy for daily dose & have someone you trust or the lock box hold them for you.  My rule is to never keep more than 2 days of meds on me at a time, so if I borrow from the next day, then I don't tap into the rest of the months supply.  This is also the process I use for normal monthly medication.  This way I am sure NOT to run out and it lowers the stress of it all. I would also keep a log, a pain log that includes when you take the meds and what is going on, what you are doing etc.  This will help identify if something you are doing is making things worse that you may have missed through all the other stresses in life. If you have something to help you sleep that may help, I believe if I am asleep I can't hurt so I take less pain meds, so I take my xanax sometimes before bed.  But you have to be careful with that too, it makes most people so sleepy that it knocks them out for the night, so if  you have to drive or get up early I wouldn't take the entire dose before bed or maybe not at all.... everyone is different.

Good luck, if you want to talk, inbox me
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As long as u can control&taper without taking too many u can do this with ease slowly with the 60u have.We cant give u a specific taper schedule here though cause everyones health is different.Im proud of u for taking ur life back.I, gonna send u a private message.I will give u some tips.
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Well your first step will be to taper off. Tapering won't eliminate w/d but you will be functional. Most of us have a hard time especially if we have access to pills. I had do give mine to my Mom to dispense. Any amount you reduce at your regular dosing time is a start. Talk to a doctor.
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