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Hydrocodone question??

Hello, any help I can get would be HUGELY appreciated!!  

I started taking vicodin 10mg/325 about 3 months ago. For about the last month I was taking it pretty regularly - 4 times per day. I was taking it for back pain. Anyway, about a week ago, I had a shot in my back to stop the pain and the shot seemed to start working a couple days ago.  So, I just stopped taking the vicodin all together to see if I'd feel any pain. about 12 hrs later,at 5am yesterday, I started feeling sick and having flu-like symptoms. I went to work and the symptoms got worse. I had to leave work at 12pm. I wasn't sure if it was the flu or withdrawal symptoms. So, I took a vicodin to see if I would feel better. I didn't. Went to the dr at 4pm and she said it likely was WD symptoms and to taper off, so I started just taking a lower dose - 5mg/500 - 4 times a day. Well, I've taken the hydrocodone now for a full day and I still don't feel better??

Does anyone know if I could still be having WD symptoms?? Or do I really have the flu?  I did lower my dosage, but would I feel this bad??  

If I need to give out more info, let me know.  

I can't afford to miss work right now.

Thank you for listening.

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Thanks so much for your comments!  How long have you been taking 5 per day??

I do feel a little bit better now than I did last night. I have a bad headache and my ears are plugged also???

I had bad stomach problems yesterday.  I KNOW that's a symptom. But, now I am doing the taper thing and my stomach is fine. Everything else just feels like ****. ;-)

I just didn't realize I would get addicted to it so fast!! It was only 3 months!

Right now my head feels the worst. I stayed home today... called in sick. I cannot do that tomorrow. I've read some posts on here, which make me feel pretty wimpy for staying home. So many people are working with what seems to be a lot worse symptoms!  I don't know how they are doing it!

Are you going to taper? or, did you already quit?
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It's low grade fever. Think it was higher yesterday though, but didn't have a thermometer and Dr. didn't take my temperature.

She did take my bp though and it was low. My bp is usually on the lower end, though. Actually, now that I think about it, I had taken a vicodin before my appt, so that's probably why...

No idea if it's high right now.

Thank you for your help!!  
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Lauren, you are having withdrawals sweetie, you don't have the flu, I'm going through the same thing for the 2nd time. Back in 2002 I was taking about 28 loratabs a day and finally in May of 2002 after being addicted for 4 yrs. I decided to quit cold turkey. It was very hard and I had the same symptoms you are experiencing right now. Whenever you've been on a pain medication for a certain period of time and try to ween yourself down to a lower dosage you have withdrawals. After staying clean for over 5 yrs. about 8 mths. ago I took a bad fall and my husband gave me a half of one of his and it's started all over again. I went to my doctor and told him my Fibromyalgia was acting up, so he prescribed me 4 a day and now I've moved up to 5 a day and I'm trying once again to quit. I just joined this website today and mercy how it brings back old memories, ones I don't like to remember, that's why I'm going to get off now before it gets worse. If you need anyone to talk to or ask a question, I'm here for you and will be praying for you as well as myself. Sincerely, Cathy
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Do you have a fever? Usually, a flu is accompanied by a relatively high fever. WD's can cause a slight temp change as well as elevated BP.
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