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Hydrocodone weaning time table

So about a year ago I hurt my back at work.  Fast forward 18 months later and I have had back surgery and the pain is pretty much gone.  But I still have this annoying habit of taking 20-30 5/500 Vicodin a day.  Withdraws are ... well withdraws...I would like to avoid them of course, but know that avoiding them completely is probably not an option.  

I find myself taking 50mg of hydro at a time 2-3 times a day.  Should I be cutting it down 10mg per day?  Per week?  Starting to really feel the liver damage and would like to just stop, but I have tried that twice now and it never worked out.  

Treatment isn't really an option since I was fired after being hurt at work, and have just been released to go back to work, so I am without reinsurance at the moment.  Was just wondering what kind of time table I should be aiming for.

Thanks in advance.
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With the amount that you are taking any taper plan is going to be painful.  We cannot really tell you how to taper because of forum guidelines but you can come here for support and advise on how to handle the w/ds.  Everyones recovery looks different.  Some taper and some go cold turkey.  You said you cannot go to treatment but can you do this under a doctors care?  They would be able to set up a taper plan and advise you on how to do it while prescribing some medicine to control your blood pressure and perhaps a non narcotic anxiety medicine.  There are also some medicines that can help you sleep that are not habit forming.
If you cannot go through this with a dr then you are going to have to listen to your body keeping in mind like I said that no matter how you do it it is going to be hard.  It may take a while to taper off and it may not.  The important thing is that you keep progressing down to lower doses until you are ready to just give it up.  I wish you the best of luck and welcome to the forum.
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I just want to make you aware of the possible drug tests that may come with the new job.  You may want to do it soon so you dont mess up the new job...however if you do get caught i think they have the ogligation to have u go to rehab.  Don't bank on that though different programs in different areas.
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yeah, that is alot of tylenol.  if anything, try the 10/325?
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i am on day 6 without any and it is hard but if you want it bad enough you will fine the strength within yourself to do it. Its Hell but only for a short time. Good luck and remember Gods on your side.
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