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Hydrocodone withdrawals

Hello all... I am now on my second day of coming off hydrocodone 10/325. I was taking anywhere from 10 to 15 a day and absolutely had to have them! I would wake up and immeadiately chew 4 of them just to wake up! I chewed them so they would get into my system much faster.... I have read many answers on this forum and some have been very helpful. I don't know the best way to detox from home. I do not have any med insurance and have been taking these little jewels for about 1 year. I also have a script for xanax and was wondering if taking them would help the withdrawals at all and should I try to taper off? Please help? I'm hurting and very SCARED!

Thanks to all, Russ
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If you are taking 30% less of a dose than yesterday and calling it tapering, you are incorrect. Your approach has all the negative points of both a taper and cold turkey combined.   Professional advice for tapering is to reduce by 10-20 % per week or ten days......let your body adjust to lower dose before dropping dose yet again. The whole taper idea is to avoid feeling like you are going to die ....... or you may as well rip that band aid off very fast and just quit. Thoughts are about evenly divided on this one - - but if you are going to taper you should try it properly and leave out some of the agony of withdrawals.......
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day 2 here as well , I did CT again and Im not sure how many times Ive gone through this now. Too damn many to count. Its up to you if you want to taper with your remaining "jewels" (Id refer to them as "turds" instead, personally). I never was good at tapering, only did it once out many tries, so this time I didnt bother trying tapering, just went cold turkey.  good luck to you
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sorry about the confusion. Yesterday, I only had 5 pills, as opposed to 15. And today, so far, I've only had three... I should've clarified that in the first post. I feel like I'm going to die and the temtation is unbearable! Thank god for my loving fiance' who is helping me get through this and holding what pills I have left and dosing them to me.... Is this the right thing to do?

Thanks, Russ
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Hi & WElcome,

I am a little confused. You stated that you are two days off and then asked about tapering. If you could clarify that you will get a lot more help.

Hope to see you back.
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Hey Russ, welcome to the forum and congrats on deciding to quit...

I'm also on day 2 (but my story is a little different then yours)...nonetheless, you are going through WDs and being scared and anxious is very common during this process...

I have tried tapering in the past, but was never successfull...you're already at day 2; i would suggest you stick with this CT...

As far as the xanex, it's a tough call since that can be addicting as well...i personally took Ativan the last round of my WDs, but only for the first 4 days of WD...the last thing you want at this point is to get hooked on another drug...

On the bottom of this page, check out the "Health Pages" Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol...you'll find it very helpful...

Congrats on quitting and keep posting, it helps!
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First of all, Congrats on taking back your life!!!!!  I personally can not offer any tapering plan, but there are some great people here that can!  Even offering advice with the Xanax too!  Just know that you are in great hands here, you are not alone and YOU can do this!!!

Keep us posted :)
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