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Hydrocodone withdrawel

Do muscle relaxers help with withdrawals symptoms? I fell off the wagon again and don't blame anyone but myself. I seem to keep going on and off every few months, I think its more stress related lately than pain releated. I don't consider myself a heavy addict because I take what is prescribed for me but do get dependant on them because I take them longer than I should. I know the drill of coming off them but was just wondering if muscle releaxers work mostly for the nighttime hours when I am home and not driving of course.
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Yeah...I'm sure there is something better than muscle relaxers to help with the WD.  And....I know it's a sensitive subject around here, but I honestly feel that weed helps with WD.  Takes your mind off of things, and helps you relaaaaaax. lol
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What might help if you go to the Dr. and get a scrip for Trazodone. It will help you sleep as well as help with the depression. you also might ask him for a mild dose of librium, that also help with w/d and and anxiety. from withdraws.
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