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Guitar hero update.  I beat "Same old song and dance" now I'm on "Welcome to the jungle"  I LOVE THAT SONG!  By the way...I'm on the "difficult" level....next is expert.
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comon , you can do it Slash.... LMAO
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ROFL at New's comment!! My son has that game too and if you can play it I'm impressed, lol. I love the old rock music on it, but I tried to play and Im all thumbs! Congrats on your victory, I hope its just one of many more to come :)
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well!  have you tried the new one?  the one with guitar, bass, drums and vocals???

i can't play guitar hero to save my life.. but boy does mama kick a** on the drums on the other!  LOL!
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I played guitar hero w/ my 9 yr.old for the first time Sunday. I had terrible pain in my hands when i was done...made me remember why i took the vics...second to the buzz...

btw..i'm still on th easy level but got 90% on one song.....LOL.
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my husband and all 3 boys are OBSESSED with Guitar Hero (3)...we dont even watch TV anymore..they are all in constant competition every night...its a riot...my husband gets all pissed off when he misses one not at the END of the song, then he wants to pull a Pete Townsend and smash the guitar on the floor...LMAO!!!
i just listen to the music while i clean and cook, its very entertaining...LOL!
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