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hello, i am an addict. Ive been on oxycodone(roxicodone) for 3-4 years now.  I have gotten my self clean before using suboxone, but now, everytime i start to take a suboxone again, my withdrawl symptoms get even worse than what they started out to be before i took the suboxone... What should I do and how do you know when you should take a suboxone? I read online that you should wait till you are in mild to modernate withdrawl pain, but I do wait till then and I still feel worse after taking the suboxone... If i dont get off the oxy's, im gonna die, and i dont know what else to do anymore, because i tried the detox shots and rehab. And nothing seems to be working. Someone HELP ME!
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You are counseled to be in mild w/d's to initiate sub therapy. Most agree that means about 12-18 hours of no oxy before a sub is taken. They call it precipitated w/d's when you use another pill to start them up......the sub has the narcane involved in the formulary.   Dont take this wrongly, everyone here is only interested in helping you out...but are you under a Doctors supervision? It sounds like you must have had a hefty habit before trying to clean up this time.......Maybe some more information and we could give better advice...How old are you? How many roxy's of what milligram are you taking, and how often? Any thing else that you may wish to volunteer? And are you a chronic pain patient?  How about the detox shots. What were they and how did you do them? Someone else here may be interested in that information.......  After you get the sub established sytemically you probably want to avoid the w/d's. Use the sub as indicated or start with an am dose that keeps the w/d's from making an appearance.  Then follow with a late pm dose.........some dose three times daily - depends on how you feel comfortable........ but stay at as low a milligram as you can and still keep from going into withdraws.........   Stay in touch here and keep posting. Read up on everything in the health discussions area - - -  knowledge is power here - - you can never learn too much about this issue ...........   and good luck to you................. the bottom line here is that people can give you advice and information - but you eventually have to do the really hard work yourself........ but you can do the really hard work - and there are many people here that will assist you in doing so - - - - - - best of luck to you ....
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How many  times have you done this .And how long are you waiting, at least 24 to 36 hrs? Starting with like a 1/4 every few hrs to test the waters or? And how long do you eat more of the Oxys after taking the subs and are you getting an ill affect from that or just not much feeling at all cause it blocks the oxys unless you wait about 24 t 36 hrs or more or  please give a little more detail about how youre doing this and how you feel....What kind of Detox shots do you get>>? How old are you? How many milligrams of SUbs and oxys? History,need it,,
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it does sound like you are taking the sub too soon.  my daughters dr.  told her to wait 24-36 hours...have you tried just going ct?  yes it ***** for a week then you are done...as far as the physical symptoms are concerned.  i was snorting 240mgs of oxy per day when i quit c/t.  are you getting any afterccare?  you really need to check out some NA meetings or some type counselling...it will give you a better chance at long term sobriety.  how many mgs are you taking per day?
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How did you manage to quit? How much did you snort at a time? Your withdrawl only lasted a week?
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Excuse me but you ought to check out he fack that some of us need it for life... like an ant-depressant... please do a google search./
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goldenarm,  i just quit.  looked at myself in the mirror when i was snorting my first line of the day...didnt know who i was anymore...flushed the 2 80's i had and went to work.  worked on friday was off sat and sunday and back to work on monday.  the bad physical part was over in a week...i didnt sleep for 3 months..i took every over the counter med i could find and nothing worked...i snorted about 40mgs at a time...all day....in about 2 weeks i will have a year clean time...if i had found this site sooner i mite not have gone ct off that much...i had no clue about the w/ds.  i have been clean from coke for 5 years and there was no physical w/ds from that...i found the site cuz i was googling all my symptoms on saturday, i thought i was dying...lol
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You are clearly very focused and determined beyond what most people are capable of.Upmost respect, that blows me away. I have been taking them for a few years for back pain, and i abuse them as i like how they make me feel, i eat them, never snorted them,when i try to quit,  day 1 is bad , day 2 is pure hell and day 3 is so f*^#()  up that i cant even see strait, no cordination,literally cant drive , eat, sleep walk strait, it is pure hell,.throwing up, Runs cant eat Drink.AMazing that you can function,,,My Dr. gave me SUbs and i have been on them for a short time and went off and got back on the oxys.I cant stand how i feel most of  the time when im not on the oxys ,big cycle that *****, when meds are here life is good, when not feel like S(^&
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oh, it definately sucked,,,but i wanted my life back...goingtomakeit says "you will get clean when your desire to be clean is stronger than your desire to be high",,,,that is very true.  i am so glad i did it...life is good now.
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