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Back again! been using for about 4 yrs now... Oc-80s now OP's about 3 a day tomorrow I am starting Subutex so I feel like *** because I know i am going to be hurting... I did it before with suboxone and was clean for 2 yrs... but i forgot how it goes.... I forgot how bad it is going to suck I have been avoiding it for so long. I keep putting it off because I cant miss work... I cant go to work dopesick or hoping that the subutex works and I dont freak out in someones home....Hating life right now... my friend went to the methadone clinic anyone here done that instead of subs.... I heard it was liquid handcuffs.... no matter what I do I am going to have to pay for the life i have been living for that last 4 yrs....what doesn't kill you makes you stronger i guess....
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welcome back! one saying that i like is ,it isnt the part about falling down that counts it is the part about getting back up (and learning from the mistakes) so it comes down to this, what did you stop doing that kept you clean for 2 yrs that lead to your relapse?,and what are you going to do today to save your life?
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Hey there, I have been on methadone for 3 years now, I am now down to 14 mg's, and I plan on switching to suboxone. I like both, but it's what is best for you. I believe methadone costs more $ than subu. Where I live it is FREE :). I only go in 2 times a week and the other days I get take homes.  I assume with subutex you won't have to go to a clinic everyday, so that is a plus! I have worked my way up, no dirtys, never missed a day to obtain my take homes but every clinic is different.  I also like suboxone (almost like subutex) , I had to only be sick for a while, it took me 12 hours before I could take a suboxone, but I was on heroin. I started out using OC's too, but seems like you are on  a low dose, so that is good too!  Suboxone worked very good for me as I was able to wean myself off within a week without feeling sick, but w/ methadone you will feel a little uncomfortable when going down.  
As you know, it's up to you, what you want, what you think is better. Both are good, and better than drugs! I have a friend who has been taking subutex for 4 years now, so it kinda works the same I guess. Good luck with which ever one you may chose!
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