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I am going to the Dr. today..and need some advice

Hi to all...I am going to my regular Dr. today in hopes of doing something about this pain I am in. My back is hurting so bad that I can hardly stand it. I have a pretty high tolerance to pain but this is getting ridiculous..My question is..What are some non-narcotic drugs I can possibly try? I have been taking valium to help relax my muscles, which it does...But it does nothing for the pain that is constant.I have been taking motrin ,aleve,advil.but feel no relief at all. I have not taken anymore pain medicine since I took those Norco earlier this week. I do not want to ruin my progress but I am in pain and need to do something..I have an MRI scheduled for next week to see if the discs that were already bad in my back are worse..It sure feels like something has happened. I am not going to a chiropractor until I know what is going on in there..Any advice as to what meds to try would be much appreciated..Thankyou
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I forgot to mention Soma..They just make me tired..
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hey lisa, sorry to say but i think your gonna have to get cracked, not so bad though kinda like goin to the dentist, i know your in pain cuz even though i havent responded i have been following your drama/delema, just hang in there get through the mri, and then get straightened out with a good crackin. your tough enough.Teddy
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zanaflex and mobic work very well
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Hey teddy, How are you my friend?? I haven't been on as much because of this frickin' pain..It's hard to sit here for any length of time. I go from kneeling to sitting all weird and then getting up..actually walking around is the only time it isn't just killing me..I am definately afraid to have any one touching me..This pain is shooting down my leg to my knee..I am hanging in there but dang!!  (glad you haven't been missing the drama) LOL
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back pain sucks,all pain actually.i do know alot of pain is amplified by stress, problably why walking helps. keep thinkin softer ride!
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thankyou..what are these drugs for..guess i can look them up..I just want to be armed with something to ask for instead of my dr. giving me narcotics..and unfortunately I feel like they stick to certain things and I want to know from the people that take different things..thanks again..enjoy your coffee..lol
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Go see your MD, or DO, which ever your regular Dr. is. I agree completely about no chiropractor until you know what the problem is. You've got a very good head. Do what you have to for the pain. I hate to think of you hurting so bad. I hope the Dr. is able to give you some relief.

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good morning :)

i have a couple of questions.  

have the epidural injections ever been discussed?  i used to suffer from horrible back pain too...and nothing seemed to work UNTIL i had the injections.  it has been around 4 years since my last one and i have not had one minute of pain.  of course...i have had that "overdoingit" pain...but not the pain that was caused from my injury.

i know that when someone is in pain...exercising is that last thing that anyone even wants to think about...lol...but at some point it needs to be a consideration.  it has been proven that strengthening our back and ab muscles will help tremendously with all back pain...even pain caused from bulging discs.  we are sent to physical therapy for a reason...but most of us never continue the exercises that they start us on.  i know i didnt!  i always stopped because, hell...i hurt worse after i left than i did before i went in.  

hope things get better soon for you :)

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are you covered to go to physical therapy? If so, ask your Dr about traction. About a two and a half years ago I started having disk problems in my neck and this bought me time. Be real honest, from my experiance, if you are having disk problems drugs won't help much, you need to do something to physically get the pressure off of the nerve.
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has anyone tried acupuncture? Just curious..

Cadillac- thankyou..I will do whatever I need to, but even pain meds aren't going to help this pain..I can't even take a deep breath .I have had this back pain before, almost this bad, But never for this long and intense. It is really messing my with my brain..I can't get long enough sleep to really rest, so I am so tired all day.I'm hoping right now that my dr. can get me an emergency MRI so i can find out if the discs I have had trouble with actually have gone to the next level..It sure feels like it. my husband had back surgery so that scares the hell out of me..
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Get your xrays and mri...see what your doctor says..of course i love chiropractic...I have been to umpteen doctors and still need my pain mgt doc for steroid injections.....people will get their spine cut open, on a table naked in front of a bunch of people they do not know, whilst getting injected with all kinds of medications that hang around for months in the system, go under for surgeries and knowing anesthesia is a risk...take pills from doctors that are prescribed and become addicts...but they are scared to go to a chiropractor...which is one of the most natural medicines practiced ...i find it a bit strange
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Kim- Hi there...I was just thinking about the injection thing..My mom told me they helped her but it hurt like a b1tch.. But the way I'm looking at it is it can't make me hurt more than I do right now..I am getting to the crying point..I am pretty active and exercise quite a bit..mostly yoga and pilates..I haven't gone to physical therapy for this because it only happens every once in awhile..I know last time I did get an MRI which did show moderate to severe bulging of L4-5 and my S-1 is deteriorating..I don't even know where the hell is S-1..I am feeling it though.I can actually feel the bones cracking alittle bit depending on how I move..This is really getting to me..I will ask about the shots..I can't wait until 12:30..can't come fast enough.

Vic- You are right..No pain meds are going to help this pain..I know that for a fact..I can feel the nerves being pinched..traction could be an option..I have pretty good insurance.
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