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I am home

Hey everyone I am home , Not much has changed I have lots of tests left to do next week but i talk the doc into letting me come home . Its a long story they saw what looked like a none passable gall stone when i first went in in the opening of my gallbladder by the time they went to remove it24 hours later it appeared to have gone back into the gallbladdler .... they check for kidney stones ,they will run a few more tests before we decided to go in by lap and see what is going on .they want to check me for an ulcer first the pain gets very intense about two hours after I eat .
I am very frustrated ,the nurses really were pushing for me to get a second opinion ASAP ,the only one that didn't seem to know what is going on is the doctors, I ended up letting them give me ten oxys the 5 mgs .I am going to break then in half when needed ..I felt if i didnt have anything i would most likely end up right back in the hospital .this really sucks when you cant use pain med responsibly ...........
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Oh dear....well at least you're out of there.  I hope you get it all figured out.  Careful with the meds, though ten isn't much....you're kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place-(I don't know why that's been my line lately)....good luck....feel better. ;)
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I hope that you can get feeling better and find out what is going on. Best of luck to you.
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welcome home avis.  we sure missed you here.  i hope they get to the botto of your pain soon.  well, since you know the dangers of misusing your pills i am not gonna preach to you.  you know we are here when you need us.
feel better,
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praying for u sweetie hope u feel better soon......miss u and love u....
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Welcome home though can understand your frustration... I hope the tests prove conclusive for you and then hopefully the doctors can treat you better...Good luck
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yes i am being very careful hubby has them , they may not be my DOC but as addicts we all know how easy it is to go from go from one DOC to another . I will use them as sparling as i can .i also wont sit hear and suffer either. i am very well aware how easy it would be to get hooked on something else i wont lie to myself about that but i also do need to function.
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It probably feels great to be home. Good to see you. I hope the Drs figure things out. Take care of that body. It's the only one you have.LOL
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Glad you're home and sure hope things get better for you soon. Also, glad your husband is so helpful to you. Be careful and be well.
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I am glad your back home. Hospitals are horible places to get rest, they seem to want to wake you up to see if you are sleeping ok. I'm not sure how old your kids are, but as long as their not teenagers, I'm sure they will want to help Mommy feel better.
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Glad you made it home. I'm sure they will get to the bottom of all of this. At least you are very educated about pain meds. You always give great advice so now all you have to do is go by your advice! They didn't give you enough to become dependent so you should be fine. Just remember that they are for pain and not pleasure! Not that I even needed to tell you that. You'll be just fine. Best of luck to you!
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Hi Avis glad you are home.  I hope you feel better soon!  Sounds like you have a great supportive hubby too.
Best of luck to you
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