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I apologize everyone

My last post was "taking as prescribed" was moved to addiction social.  I know by experience that sticking to the topic is very important when joining these groups, it's like alcoholics go to AA, drug abusers go to NA etc.  I apologize for the inappropriate post and hope that when I am ready to start weaning from these hydros after the injections that I will again be welcome to this forum.  However is it ok to still give advice?  I have a past of abusing benzos and feel I can help people with that.  Thank you everyone, you've all been wonderful.  Susan
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You say you abused benzos. I have a question. Do you think 1.5-2.5mg of klonopin is "abusing", and how long would one have to be on this dose to warrant a "problem"?
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Susan. Hi Please do not take offense to your post being moved.. it happens to all of us. this does not mean you are not welcome on the forum.. You are more then welcome.. We are all in different stages of our journey and all support is helpful.. What you are going through now is valuable to another.. so please still offer support where you feel you can.. I really hope the shots work out for you and I'm sure others will be interested also :) Take care lesa
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Hi Weney,
Years ago I was taking a lot of xanax while going through my divorce.  I tried to taper and stop ct but couldn't do it.  I went to a dr. and he put me on klonopin, in which I tapered off in six months, it was painless. Xanax has a very short life span in the body, so when you try to quit it has a rebound effect, the klonopin, which is a benzo also, has a longer life span and it was easier for me to taper that way.  I went to my dr. every month as he had me cutting down the dose each month, for me, a slowwwww, long taper works for me the best. I was taking way more than you, popping them like candy cause of panic attacks and anxiety so you should be fine on tapering, any more questions, email me.  Please do not try to go ct on those benzos, you can go into seizures, very dangerous.  Hope everything works out for you, this is a great site.
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Whoops sorry, I thought you said that you were on xanax.  If you are taking them more than prescribed and running out early then you are abusing them, if you want to go off them, then go to a dr. to work out a taper program.  Sorry again, hope this helps
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No, I was not offended, I realized that I was wrong, not a problem at all.  I understand how all this works, thanks for your response and looking forward to being "unfogged'.  lol
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You know, that's funny beacuse I am prescribed 3mg xanax a day. I only take 1mg, at night. I know I don't have a problem with xanax, but I don't want to create a problem with the klonopin, which is why I asked. Thanks, again.
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I think the klonopin is for breakthrough anxiety, are you taking them as prescribed?  If you're concerned about the dosage maybe you should talk to your dr.  Most dr.s are willling to work with us on the medications, :)
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Yes plz don't take offence in having a post moved to the social side .It does not mean that did you did anything wrong or inappropriate it just means that there was something in the post that was more suited for the other side .I am very glad to know we have someone with benzo experience we don't have many that really understand benzo addiction and how serous they can be .

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Hi Susan, glad to see you here again.  I hope that things are going well with you and I hope that your husband is doing better too.  Keep posting, when you are ready to taper, we will all be here to support you.  Take Care
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Yes if anyone wants to know about benzos, I've done it been there, went to detox because of them, trying to get off them I didn't sleep for about a month and was in constant panic attacks and anxiety.  I could not do it on my own, I was scared to death.
Thanks for the nice email  :)
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I think you have me mixed up with someone else, lol, I don't have a husband, I used to though 13 years ago.  Thanks for your concern, I am on here everyday to remind me where these drugs can take me and it helps me to stay on track with the dosage I'm on till I'm ready to taper.  Thank you :)
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Hi Susan - whoops!  Sorry, I did have you confused with someone else that I was talking to - I found the email from you and realized the mistake. LOL.  Anyway, glad to see you and tha you are doing well.  Take Care.  :-)
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