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I beat suboxone addiction, I'll tell you how

Suboxone addiction is real, too many of us its the answer when we present our problem of opiate addiction.

I want you to know THAT IT IS MORE THAN DO-ABLE without your doctor, UNLESS you feel you need to talk to him.

I came off 6 mg's after 2 years.  Today is 3 weeks, and I have no withdrawal.
DON'T BELIEVE:  Withdrawal lasts months.  That's bs, it lasted 2 weeks.  The first 3 days are the worst, The worst (for most) is days 7-10.  

I took nothing to cope except vitamins and I ran a mile a day.  I FEEL THE SAME AS IF I WAS ON SUBOXONE!  YOU DON'T NEED TO TAKE IT!  Please, im open to questons i want to help all of you, and stop this game the doctors are playing with your minds.  No im not a doctor, but im like you.  And i think that makes me better to help.  Just like everyone else here, we want to help you.  I've been reading these forums during my withdrawal and I was scared to be honest.  
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HI IM glad you had a good sub experience its not that way for everyone that does it coming off sub is a crap shoot I have seen many of our members jump off at 2mg and go threw mild withdrawals and like in your case where well in a short period of time for every one of you guys there is 3 that will littlerly take the stuff down to crumbs and go threw horable withdrawals for weeks its different for everybody.....I have watched a lot of people come off sub we have had many members on it some do good some do ok and then some really suffer.....I have never been able to figure out why its ez for some and so difficult for others
but thats just the way sub is....we never intend on scaring people with info here the post are from real people that have done it and post there experience im happy for you your one of the lucky ones dont forget to thank God for that good luck on your recovery hook up with some form of aftercare become pro/active in your recovery and you wont have to go threw it again good luck and God bless.....Gnarly
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I just read your piece on suboxone, I am presuming they're the same as subbutex , right?
In which case your experience is uplifting, I've just posted a thing about subbies, and have been wondering if they're as bad as methadone or H
Anyway, well done to you
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I want it to be uplifting, I don't want anyone to think its very hard or as struggling as the fear of not taking it.  I know everyone is different, but after being on suboxone, and now recovered - that high you get from the suboxone you think? thats life.  

Yes suboxone is different than subutex, however I've never taken subutex so I don't know much about it.

I do thank god, and I thank everyone who has helped me.  I'm not saying its a cake-walk, but its a walk.  The worst is the insomnia, but just remember your gonna sleep.  and the sleep is gonna be good =).  It's a mental battle.  Fight it like you hate it.  You should, I don't feel its a miracle drug rather its a drug that makes us "forget" the feeling of opiates.  

-By best wishes to all of you, you can do it! Beat this B****!!  Keep hope!!
The title should be
So very true and once you convince your mind that its being played, you will have your control back. I know everyone has The Father and can speak to him everyday. Believe hes there for you. Hes strength in your thoughts and will rapidly move you from the thought that you cant move, the thought that you cant function as you once did. As we all know there are at times feelings of strength even in the depths of your WD's Take those times feel them for as long as you can hold onto them plant them in your mind and memorize those thoughts and feelings!! We have all heard practice makes perfect well this is your practice! continue practicing when you can. You dont have to ask for it because your body will! just be ready to take full advantage of this time . and start small instaed of dropping right back in bed after you wretch, take an extra walk around the living room or count your steps back to the couch and add ten steps before you get back to your resting place. I know the foot drag ive had to do that in order to walk anywhere and by anywhere i mean the toilet. or the bucket because i forgot to bring it back from being washed out. I used to use the time i spent in the fetal position to stretch my back or just open and close my hands. make a fist as tight as i could any little thing that keeps you knowing you are advancing away from this condition you put yourself into.  I used to wish for a hangover because a hangover is way less energy zapping than this.  All in all my message is that you
Dream of being well!! I am taking myself off of 4mg x twice a day @ 14 hours apart. today is day one so i have reduced after waiting as long as my withdrawls dont turn to diarreha.  

I Pray for strength for you all and Hope that you have a normallacy that youve been missing since you started using! If you dont find one something you did before and focus on it. You find as I did its like a baby trying to learn to walk again!
Thank You for reading
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@ekalrag :  Methodone is much stronger, it's a much more painful withdrawal than subbies.

isnt methodone and suboxons the same
No Methadone is much stronger from Subs is what i've learned anyway.
and suboxone is a blocker you cant take opiates if on subs will go into terrible withdrawals i think with methadone you can still use not positive tho but with the sub i am because I've been on them before for a few years
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I've been buying my subs off the street for the last six years and I've never stepped foot in a suboxone dr. Office or a clinic in my life. I had a bad addiction to oxycottin and percocett before I was introduced to suboxone. A friend of mine went to his dr. And was put on subs and then he started helping me out with his extras. I knew from the start I'd found the miracle solution to my narcotic pain pill addiction.  I absolutely fell in love with saboxone I was hooked from the start I would choose them over anything.  People has told me I'm crazy to choose a sub over a oc but hey we all have our choice of high that we prefer. I'm convinced they effect me different than most people. I'm here to say that suboxone is just as hard to overcome as any narcotic pain pill out there.  The withdraws may not be as intense but they last longer. The physical withdraws are actually the easiest it's the post withdraws that gets me every time. To this day I'm still battling these little bastards.  That's why once again I've come to the Internet to try and find a solution to my addiction. I've almost come to the conclusion that they are unbeatable. I read these success stories and set and wonder why I'm not as strong minded. They have taken away things and people in my life that I love. I've even tried to get back on pain pills just to get away from the subs but I always go back to them. Subutex can be a close companion but suboxone is number one. I can't understand why dr. Would give out something that is as addictive as they are to fight a addictive substance. If anyone has any suggestions on a solution to my addiction please let me know. I'm to the point I take a suboxone strip and let it dissolve in a cap of water and then snort the sub water up my nose while I have one under my tounge. I tell myself in never doing it again but I always do.
that snorting crap is total abuse. Doctors give Subs after detox to stop the cravings of the pills. it is not meant to be used for long periods of time. It is meant to be used from day one after all opiods are out of the system, and from that very day begins the taper process. My Doc started me at 4mg , but I immediately went to 2mg, and that was fine. and I saw the taper program, and would have stayed with the doctors orders, but I moved away.  bot off the street and after 4 months I got it down to 1mg. Now I am trying to get to zero mg b/c I am running out with no where to cop. I have tried cutting .25, and that didn't sit well, so I realize I really have to drop it 0.05mg at a time to avoid the W/D. So i went from 1.0 to .8 today and that was hell 12 hours later. so, I took my .2mg to make it a full 1mg again for this 24 hour period.  SO. Tomorrow, I will drop it to .095 mg. and sweat it out for the 24 hours. i'll be fine i think. tapering .05mg at a time after body acclimates which takes about a week to do.
Here they start you at 16 mgs then leave you that high for nearly two years. Some doctors dont bother tappering at all unless you prompt it. The earliest ive seen here is a 2 year program but usually 4.
Did you get to 0?
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Snorting sub water? Now that's new to me.  Sounds like it needs to come off the market I'd that I'd doing people justice in their search for the high.  Ugh  I'm freaking disgusted at what this drug represents!
No its the only way many people get out of that life. What they need to do is stop getting people started at such high doses. And the manufacturer should have a step down pack. Like 30 day taper or 100 day taper. Where you have one week 8 mg or 4 depending on the spot the doctor snd you find works, then a week or two later cut to 7 then 6. Eventually cutting to 1mg then .5 then .25 and again, maybe not every week, maybe every other. I dont know the specifics but i think researching something like this would be good.nbut not as profitable.

Also there will always be people who abuse. Cant cut the drug out bc some people water it down and snort it. I have rarely heard of anyone doing this. Those with very adictive personalities, placebo effect and not making much effort. But still very few. Ive heard of people shooting it up too until it backfires on them. But people did this with pain meds too and they didnt take them off the market or even stop them from flooding the market which they knew was happening. All that mattered was $$$
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Wow! I'm on 4gm strips well 11/2 strips daily. Been on this stuff for almost 6 months. I'm sick of it. I'm always tired depressed, don't feel like leaving the house! Or the couch for that matter but due to circumstances and we wanted to get off this that's what I'm up against right now folks so if anybody has any advice for me as a female going through this I've read a lot of mail and counters with that but I'd like to see a female side! Thank you very much SubSucka
Talk to a doctor and try to get a 2 week script for Neurotin. 300mg 2x a day and 600mgs at night. It helped me immensely. The insomnia and intense part of withdrawal were more than tolerable. Neurotin has been around for a very long time and is rarely abused and isn't addictive or habit forming, depending on the individual. It helped me with withdrawals. This is only my opinion.
you're right. I have it too. I always forget to mention that. I also take Kratom tea first thing in the morning to push back the  time for my daily dose of Sub.  So I have found that 600mg of neurontin with a beer,  totally takes the mind off the sub w/d.  for a few hours.  But I never tried taking it when I'm hard W/D'ing to see if it would work.  Instead I immediately run for the Sub. if something happened and I had to go CT tomorrow, I would probably die.
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I agree with 98% of this post. I'll start with saying I was on Suboxone for 7 years. The 1st doctor didn't understand how powerful this medication is. I'm not blaming him negatively in anyway.  I got to know him well and he thought he was helping me. I didn't educate myself or the 28mgs a day he put me on initially would have raised a huge red flag.
I moved and had to find another doctor. This is when my education began. This doctor informed me that I should never have been prescribed that much. He said 16mg/day maximum. I expresssed my interest in tapering and over the past year and a half he started me on a gentle taper.
I eventually got down to 3mgs a day and was busted for drinking a couple beers with my lunch at work and my job requested inpatient rehab and I accepted to save my job.
The facility I went to wouldn't allow me to continue Suboxone and tapered me over 5 days. This is where I disagree minimally. The withdrawal was intense and hellacious and I needed to be in a professional facility or I wouldn't have lasted. EVERYONE is different and I don't intend to discourage anyone who found some solace in this post, which again, I agree with almost all of it. 7 years.... 1 day after my last taper dose the withdrawals started and got progressively worse in a short amount of time. I'm not going to go into many details. It ***** and it was as if the withdrawals would learn any little thing I did to get any kind of comfort and head me off at the pass. After the forth day of straight insomnia I was ready to leave the facility AMA. I was started on 300mg nuerotin 2 times a day and 600mg before lights out. 1 hour after the first 300mg dose I fell asleep in the middle of a sentence while talking to my counselor. I slept for 6 hours that night as well. They kept this cycle for 5 days. The withdrawals after 5 days (9 total) were significantly less, but the insomnia came back. I couldn't shut off my brain to sleep no matter what I did. I was put back on the neurotin. I sneezed and had gastrointestinal issues for anther 5 days (14 total) then I came around. I also ran 1-2 miles once a day and it helped immensely.
I thought I would never be able to get off Suboxone and had tried several times. The withdrawals physically do not last months. Psychologically I'm also fine and it's day 24 since the last taper dose.
I won't say it's easy but as I stated before everyone has a different threshold for what they can and cannot tolerate.
This was my experience and these are only my opinions. I wish anyone who has to do this the best.
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What was the process like for you?
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I am on day 8 with no subs after 4 long miserable years. I will say it’s nowhere near what I feared or the horror stories that I’ve read. It’s not easy by any means but it is doable. However I developed a hatred for subs and what they’ve taken from me. It feels like they’ve stole my soul more so than street drugs. The worse thing for me is the no energy. That is a battle especially for someone who has to work 14 hours a day. I used baclofen 10mg 3X day as well as a supplement called NAC! It hasn’t been easy but it’s been doable! The lethargy is the worst for me
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Hey handyman your post was very inspirational, I’ve been on suboxin for 4 years I woke up one day and didn’t take it any more I take a corner of a piece a day so small, been off for2 weeks how long before I feel better
Hey....you'd probably do better to post this as a new question as this thread is really old.

I came off of suboxone as well....are you completely off of it or are you still taking the small amounts?  What mg strip is it coming off of 2mg or 8mg?
Yes I’m completely off of it it’s been 2 weeks
How are you doing?  So, you've been off completely for 2 weeks...this, my friend, is awesome!!!  Great big kudos to you as subs are a beast to come off of, even small amounts.  
It will take awhile before you are feeling much better but there are things you can do to help it along.  You must get up and start walking....even if it's just around the block, you have to start moving.  Eating really healthy is necessary as well and keeping up with a good multivitamin.  I took loads of vit C and drank water (lots of water).  Subs stay in our system for a long period of time.  Getting out in the sun, even just sitting in the sun, is good for your body as well as your mood.  I promise, it will help!  Are you doing any type of aftercare, i.e., AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, therapy, etc...as this will help your recovery more than you would ever know.  
I’ have good days and bad days but overall im doing ok how long did it take u to get back on track?
When will my heart stop racing
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Look I'm glad it was easy for you but for real that doesn't ever happen.  Suboxone, methadone are both nightmares to o come off of and believe me people you will not be running a mile a day.  Sometimes it can take up to three weeks before the hard withdrawal starts.  Just do a slow medical detox and you should be fine
This post was put out years ago  I would love to hear a follow up on this.
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Email me please at ***@**** I’d like to talk about your experience
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Email me please at ***@****
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Suboxone is nothing more than a replacement drug, it will just put you into further addiction.
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My experience in coming off of this drug was regretfully NOT like this person's.  However, I was on a much higher dose for many more years.  I'm sure there are a few rare occasions when some people get lucky and withdrawal is doable...and I would NEVER take anything away from them for that.  I personally, just didn't have that experience.  I was house bound for over 4 weeks....lost well over 15lbs in that month.  Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, punched walls, experienced real, true withdrawals but....I did it!  With the help of the people on this site pushing me forwards every single day, with the help of recovery (which I got into ASAP) and with the help of my higher power.  I have been clean of ALL drugs (including alcohol) for a little over 4 1/2 years now.  Suboxone is a replacement.....sent straight from hell for me!
How many mgs were you on.     before you jumped off?
Wow man no funny business but your post truly inspired me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.. I'm on half a strip of sub a day (no dr) due to insurance reasons but I want out.. I don't want to HAVE to take anything e\o getting sick.. Thank you for showing me it's possible
I was on 24mg a day for 7 years....i quit cold turkey on Jan 1st, 2014. I didnt wean down and i didnt do it alone. You MUST ask for help, make a plan and surround yourself with people you trust! NOT USING FRIENDS!!!!
How? Cause I need help!!
Hey Tapering111....start a new question with this....There are lots of people on this site willing and able to help with getting off of subs.  Post it as a new question....
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Motye, your struggle was real.  I felt so bad for you when you came here but you are rockin recovery now!!
Why thank you!!!!!!  LOL....:)
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I have been on suhoxone for 8 weeks after being on kratom for a year. Can't believe this doctor put me on Suboxone  to get off kratom.Am down to 3 mg from 4 mg but can't seem to go any lower..Lost 22 lbs in 2 months since going on suboxone.Any suggestions? An thinking about going to inpatient detox if necessary
Subs to gte off kratom?  
Are you off it yet? If not keep cutting.
I was told to go back on kratom and taper off of kratom..I was given a protocol to follow starting with 7gms a day for 4 days and tapering from there..After 8 days I was done with no problems..It's been over 2 weeks and I am fine..
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If you have the opportunity to do an inpatient detox I would recommend it.  You’ll get the medical help you need and the chance to set up some aftercare. Plus you’ll get all the support you need to make it with like minded individuals.   You don’t have to do this alone:)
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I couldn't be more happy for you Mr. Happyman, seriously!  Withdrawals aren't something i would wish on my worst enemies!!!

Not tO try and talk anyone outta quoting because it's the only way to regain you're life and everything that you are!  But had i had access to anything I'd have killed myself!!!  Now i was in jail getting ready to go to prison and that only compounds the effects but...  All I heard was how day 3-5 ous the worst. You'll be good in roughly 2 weeks... Bill [email protected]%*t!!!!  It took literally a year to be able to sleep just ok.  My skin hurting the depression the horrific anxiety??? It was roughly 7/8 months before I started feeling normal!  
Just be prepared it's all on saying!
Maybe get on antidepressants and allow them time to kick in, have sleep aids, sorry system, clonidine... I mean just don't go at it without any means of support because not everyone is as lucky as Mr. Happyman!!!!  But you can do our and out will eventually get better
I.e.facing stopping suboxone once again and I'm scared ********!  But I'm more scared of suboxone and its long term affects.  I'm falling apart mind and body and i want the old me back!
Suboxone got me off heroin and essentially saved my life but there's more work to be done!  Suboxone isn't a long term quality life!
Sorry for the typos...
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