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I can finally brag...1 Year and counting

Hey Everyone! Its been a while since I have logged in here. I just passed my one year mark! My life is so different and so much better. I can think clearly, love whole heartedly and live my life with peace. I thank God everyday for the strength He has given me and this resource. The ones here that have helped my in past years (Vicki, Gnarly and oh I forget your name, but you know who you are I think :)
Anyone have bragging time? Even if its one day. I'll start -  Day #13 cigarettes.  Wahooooo
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Of course you have bragging rights!! Congrats. Tell us how you did it so the newbies can see.
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Congrats on 1 yr clean!!
woooohoooooo!!! you rock!!!!
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I'm really proud of you Kathy!  I can imagine how much better you feel now and you sound truly happy. I know it was hard but it's worth it to get to this point!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Congrats 1 year is great happy holidays
Congrats on 1year Kathy Kim says hi and she enjoyed your phone call and hopes to hear from you soon
W T G on your year clean time it's hard but well worth the fight keep on moving my friend ...James
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Congrats on 1 year Anniversary!! That is Awesome So Happy for you ! I wish you the very best on your Journey. lesa
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Hey Kathy...we WOOO HOOO!!!!! one your   you rock girl  im so happy for you....life is good in recovery  we have a life second to none.....keep working your program and always remember your in the '''we dont pick up no mater what club''  thanks for posting
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Congratulations. Let your life begin again. Let it flow.
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