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I didn't start me ct this weekend


I didn't start my ct this weekend but I'm going to start weening. I hope to do a fast taper. I have no will powerover these pills it's a simple as that.

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I understand.  I cannot CT it either!  I have been on a taper schedule and it is working.  Was up to 10 Norco a day and down to 2 after about one week.  My husband has my pills and hands them out.  I stay super busy walking the dog, working, cleaning the house.  stay strong and positive thoughts!!!!
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what is a good taper schedule? was on about 100 mgs a day of percocet... tried ct and its not going too well. i have only been taking about 30 mgs the past 2 days. how should i do this?
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I called my doctor and he wrote out a schedule.  Tapering is too hard to do on your own.  I have been talking to people on forum and decided that now that I am down to 2 a day I am going to go CT.  I am just going to pretend I have the flu.  good luck to you.  
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How's it going Downey. I'm praying for you. Pulling through the physical withdrawals is like having a baby, it seems like its the hardest thing you've even done, until you realize you have to take care of it FOREVER! I hope this encourages you!!!
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