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I feel amazing! ^_^

Not b/c of pills, but because I just biked 13 miles.  It's my fifth day without hydrocodone, and I was a little shaky earlier and had some anxiety.  I decided to go for a bike ride, and realized about 1/4 mile into it that I was dehydrated, so I picked up a gatorade and kept on going!  If I can give anybody on here advice on how to feel good after the w/d's stop, exercise exercise exercise!!!  It seriously makes all the difference this is the first time I've felt truly happy without the pills since I stopped!  It just feels so nice to actually be high on life for a change! ^_^
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It's my fifth day off too! Well methadone that is. This is the first day I got a natural high off life! It was insane haven't felt that in six years! I've been meditating and exercising alittle. Props to us on the fifth day. Stay strong!
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That's awesome hydro.I am glad that you feel good.You should try jumping in the shower and slamming the water straight to cold after the warm shower.Stay in for about five minutes turning around as needed.When you get out you will have no pains and feel even better.This is a trick I have been doing for a long time.I know this is gross but I gag and cough and almost barf while in the cold shower but it forces and shocks your body to produce endorphins and makes the blood rush from the extremities to the organs to keep the core warm.It also releases toxins from the muscles.I also run 3 miles a day but this shower thing is way more dramatic although not as long lasting as the running.
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Congrats Psychobillyqueen keep it up you're doing great!

Ricart, how did you figure that out, that sounds crazy lol I would do that but I absolutely hate freezing water!!  Don't know if I could do it..lol
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I have a quick question.  For some reason the first couple of hours after the sun goes down I get depressed is this normal?  Idk what it is but the sudden shift from day to night just bothers me for some reason.
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Hey hydro,I was looking up alternative cures for migraine for a friend of mine a couple of years ago and saw the cold shower thing.I hate freezing water also.I then saw all of these other people were using them for other ailments including depression.I saw where celtic warriors used to jump into a cold stream or river as an act of bravery to start the day.The mental hospitals used to use it calling it hydrotherapy.Anyway I started slow by just turning the cold water on for a second or two after a regular shower and went from there.In the winter the water is cold enough to give me a brain freeze lol
  about the nighttime thing,I usually feel better at night because I got through another day.
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