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I finally passed the kidney stones and I'm back on my path

hey guys its just me giving an update I finally passed those painful puppies. shew it was yesterday thank god and I'm back on my way of taking nothing. I have no medicine in the house they are gone. and it wasnt hard to get rid of em I had the boyfriend flush what I had left I only took what I needed for the intense pain.  I was so scared more of the medication than the stones, but I was a good girl my kids and my bf were so very proud of me but the main thing I was so very proud of myself, I wanna thank everyone who gave advice and helped me as always you guys rock.

I have only been on here in spurts cause I have felt so very bad but today I feel so much better so even when you are a recovering addict as I'm and the time arrises that you have to take medicine which may happen there is hope that you can do it without hurting your addiction and setting yourself back. I had my hunny be in control of the medicine I only took enough to ease the pain and as soon as the pain subsided I got rid of em.

I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know how I was doing I'm so dang thankful that is over and by the way I have 72 days in I cant believe it I have hurdles thrown in my path temptations out the ying yang. and I have managed to come out on the clean side its not been an easy road but its been the best road I have ever travelled on love and light solost
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Welcome back. And happy stone passing (or something). Great way to handle the meds. You should be very proud. Oh - and 72 days is awesome. Congrats!!!!
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  Welcome back. Its so good to see you receiving some of that support you so freely offer others. Keep the faith.........        kk
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Good job! It's great to hear this. My one worry is what if I ever REALLY need painkillers. How will I handle it? I guess just mind over matter. You should be so proud.
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So glad you are feeling better and are pain free! This is a great lesson for those "life" things that happen! It can be done, and you can get through it! Best wishes!
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I am very happy for you and glad stones have passed I have never personally had stones(knock on wood) but My Father did and I saw how painful it can be he was on ground passed out from pain when one was actually passing scared the h3ll out of me!
Congrats and way to go stay on your path this was just a hurdle and you made the jump my friend Proud of you :)
Thanks for update!
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Way to go! I'm so glad you're through that horrible pain and that you're so committed to staying on track! Itt's very inspiring!
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